Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Lou Kelley opened the meeting at 3:13pm.
The invocation was given by Merita McCann and the 
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Henry McCann. Minutes 
of the previous meeting were read and approved as 
read. There was no treasurer's report today.  Bob said 
he hadn't yet received the quarterly report from the 
bank. There was no correspondence received by ICS this 
past month. Membership dues for this coming year can 
be paid by mail, or in person at the September meeting.
They are due by October 1st.  
At today's meeting we have 27 members and 3 guests 
present.  Helena reported that she attended the Mass 
on June 10th down at the Folklife Festival grounds, 
read a passage in Gaelic and held the Irish flag.  
About 50 attended the international Mass.  She 
commented about the nice turnout of ICS members for 
Father Mike O'Gorman's retirement dinner at the Outback 
back on June 8th.  Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves 
and the food was excellent.  Helena says she has been 
told that the Harp & Shamrock will be doing their own 
thing for the Christmas party, so perhaps we could 
consider the Outback for the ICS party, as we wouldn't 
have to worry about accommodating so many people for 
our holiday dinner.  Lou commented that if he were 
planning the party, he'd consider 60 as a nice round 
figure to plan on.
At this point Helena brought up ideas for next year's 
meetings.  She said she had heard from Jane McDaniel  
about the blind singer who does Irish songs that we 
had been trying to locate.  Kay mentioned that there 
is a lady from her parish who does a program on San 
Antonio's churches, not just Catholic ones.  There's 
also a walking tour organized.  She is also aware of 
someone who does a program on the Shroud of Turin, but 
he needs more than 45 minutes to complete it.  Bob Ryan 
said at this point that he believes the blind singer 
we have in mind is Robert O'Doyle.   Rick Casey is 
another name mentioned for a program - he does one that
is a comparison between the experiences of the Choctow 
Indians and the Irish.  
Sheila mentioned the Irish dentist and doing another 
of the "show and tell" programs as it was quite well 
received. There was no social report for today.  Lou 
asked for suggestions for a new venue for our meetings, 
in case we will need one come September of this year.  
Sheila said she approached Mr. Martinez of the St. 
Gregory's parish council to ask him if he will speak on
our behalf at the next meeting, but she doesn't know 
offhand what date that is scheduled for.   
Henry suggested we contact Maura to write up articles 
on Father Mike (and Sister Carmel, per Sheila's 
suggestion) for Today's Catholic.
Election results were:  Lou Kelley, president; 
Bob Barron, treasurer; Susan Feeley, secretary; 
Kay Delaney, membership; and Amy Abeyta, public 
The business meeting was adjourned at 3:47 for 
refreshments followed by a musical program presented 
by Lou and his friend, Dan.  Many thanks to Kay for 
printing the singalong songbooks for today's 

Respectfully submitted,

ICS secretary