Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Minutes - ICS Meeting - September 6, 2015

President Lou Kelley convened the meeting at 3:09pm.  
Sister Carmel gave the invocation and then Lou led us 
in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Minutes of the previous meeting in June were read and 
approved as read, with Henry making the motion and 
Bernadette seconding it.   Bob Barron presented the 
treasurer’s report, stating that we are at $5,000 less 
in our coffers than last year at this time.  He explained 
that the losses we took on the most recent IHD and dance 
were largely to blame.  Joan suggested we spend $2000 
for advertising the ICS.  Mickey suggested people donated 
for a tax credit, because we are a 501 (3) C organization.
  Joan then suggested advertising through the city, and 
said she would give details to Jane, our new publicity chair.
Lou entertained ideas for a venue other than LVCC for the 
next IHD.  He noted that the Harmony Hills Cabana had been 
suggested, and that site would be checked out.  He then 
read from his on-line check-list of necessary items to 
look for in selecting a new IHD venue.  Mickey said he 
had contacted St. Matthew’s and St. Vincent de Paul 
parishes, who want Lou’s contact information to continue 
this dialogue about the next IHD.
There were no bills or claims recently, but Bob said he 
will pay the St. Anthony parish a donation for the use of 
their parlor room.
Under correspondence, Lou has heard from Sean Hipp, the 
SAGAC chairman, who is spearheading a benefit for the 
Irish Sisters of the Holy Rosary.  Joan explained the 
circumstances that have led to the need for a benefit.
    Sean is planning a barbeque meal, which he hopes 
will be donated, a silent auction, and a ceili.  
Sr. Teresa Cullen also contacted Lou because she is 
looking to get a wine and beer license for the event and 
that will cost $220.  John D. wants us to donate to pay 
that fee.  No action was taken.
Joan announced the Danny O’Flaherty concert on 
September 25th.  There is a flyer attached to this month’s 
newsletter for anyone wanting more information.
Under membership, Kay said we have no new members, but 
there are 27 here today with 3 guests.  She has already 
had an excellent response to dues being paid, and they 
aren’t due until October 1st.  Her telephone tree callers 
are in place for this year.  They include John, Betsy, 
Merita, Celeste, and two others.
Under Old Business, Sister Carmel repeated what she had 
said at the June meeting, about her hope that there could 
be a joining of the ICS and Harp and Shamrock.
In New Business Mickey wanted to discuss a bogus website 
and its affect.  He is asking that we ban a man who lives 
near San Antonio from attending ICS functions, as he 
feels this man is a danger to him.  Lou said we would 
take the issue up at a board meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:04pm, with Joan making 
the motion and John D. seconding it.  The refreshment 
time will be followed by a presentation by guitarist 
and vocalist John Mason, a member of the sessions group.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley,
ICS Secretary