Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Meeting called to order by Susan Feeley at 3:20 PM
Invocation by Joan Moody
Pledge led by Susan Feeley
No treasurer's report.

Minutes from May 5th meeting read and approved as 
read.  Motion to accept made by Joan Moody and seconded 
by Bob Walsh.

Committee Reports:
Membership: Kay Delaney: 
Reminder of October 1st for dues/registration deadline. 
There will be a reminder in the September newsletter.  
December 1st will be the cut off. It will be assumed that 
if people have not paid by then, they are no longer 
interested in membership.

Plans and Programs:  Helena shared the mass for the 
Folklife Festival held this morning at Hemisphere Park. 
She presented the Irish flag and read a prayer in Gaelic. 
She suggested that next year we attend and support 
this mass.

Social Committee: Ethna: No report.

Library Committee: Susan will have the library books 
listed online for next year. She will be contacting 
members over the summer regarding books that need to 
be returned. Members will be able to peruse the list 
and call/email Susan with the items wanted and she will 
deliver them at the next meeting. This will save having 
to transport the actual library to each meeting.
Old Business:
Helena brought up the need to present a check to 
St. Anthony de Padua for the use of the facility from 
November to present.
Motion made by John Donnellan to pay the church $750 
for this year. This is the same amount paid to 
St. Gregory's  Church.
Seconded by: Lucille Lindsey
Membership voted. Motion passed.
New Business:
*Results of Election read by Brenda Toby
15 ballots submitted. 
The results are:
VP: John Donnellan
Programs and Plans:  Susan Feeley
Treasurer: Bob Barron
Secretary (1yr): Barbara Pierce
Public Relations Chair: Helena Ryan
Member at Large: W. John Ryan

*Susan Feeley read a letter from Lou Kelley re: comments 
he's received regarding some dissatisfaction about the 
ICS dance. He would like input from the membership to 
improve the dance for the next year. Please contact a 
board member with any suggestions.
Announcement: Please let Kay know if you are a "caller" 
and would like to continue or perhaps begin as a caller 
to remind members of upcoming meetings and/or important 
Motion to adjourn called by Susan Feeley.
John Ryan made the motion and Joan Moody seconded it.
Meeting adjourned at 4:55 P.M.