Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Minutes from the ICS meeting of November 9th, 2014

President Lou Kelley called the meeting to order 
at 3:25pm, and then proceeded to give the invocation 
and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance as well.

The minutes of both the June 2014 and October 26th 
meetings were read and approved as read, Henry and 
Merita McCann moving and seconding the approval of 
the June minutes and John Donnellan and Henry McCann 
moving and seconding the approval of the October 
minutes.  There was no treasurer’s report today, 
because Bob and Celeste Barron are out of town.  No 
one had bills or claims to give to the treasurer 
today.  Lou noted that he will be paying $10 towards 
keeping our website going before the next meeting.
Kay, our membership chair said that telephone calls 
were not made before today’s meeting, but will be 
done soon to try to finalize a roster for the 
membership directory.  There are 13 members and 1 
guest at today’s meeting.  Helena was not present 
at today’s meeting, so there was no publicity report 
given.  Ethna, our social chair, announced that she 
already had 3 bookings for the Christmas dinner, 
although it is a month away.
It was reported that Mary Sweeney had been in a car 
accident, and was at Warm Springs presently for 

Old Business:  Kay sends out 26 ICS newsletters each 
month by snail mail.  All the rest are by e-mail.  
Discussion followed on how e-mail newsletters are sent, 
as some people had difficult reading them this past 
month.  Lou said he would try doing the newsletter 
as an attachment instead of as a link.
Lou talked about our dance for March 28th at Braun Hall 
and reiterated the rules for bringing alcohol into the 
dance hall.  He let us know that because of a 
scheduling conflict, Boru will not provide the music 
this year.  Instead the sessions band under the 
leadership of Jim Fox will do so.  At this point John 
Donnellan requested more popular dance music instead 
of Irish music be played at the dance this year.  
That request will be passed on to Jim and the 
comhaltas band.  
Barbara brought up the topic of the IHD for 2015.  
She said that there was dissention  over last year’s IHD.
  The board is aware that several people thought that 
the entertainment could have been handled more smoothly,
 but we hesitate to call that dissention.  There were 
several last minute, unexpected changes to the 
entertainment schedule that affected the flow of music 
and dance that day, changes that non-board members were 
probably unaware of.  Lou then mentioned that the stage 
at LVCC was condemned and removed over this past year, 
something that is good to know about ahead of time, so 
we have plenty of notice in trying to work around that 
change in 2015. 

The business meeting was adjourned at 4:04pm, with 
John Donnellan making the motion and Henry McCann 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley
ICS secretary