Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The October 9th,2016 meeting of the Irish Cultural 
Society was called to order by President Lou Kelley 
at 3:15pm. Lou provided the invocation and led us 
in the Pledge of Allegiance as well.

First order of business brought to our attention 
today was the idea of having business cards printed,
to hand out to anyone interested in knowing about 
the ICS.  Jane, our PR chair, had the idea originally, 
but in her absence today, the topic was about to be 
tabled.  Then Joan mentioned that a company called 
Vista has offered 500 cards for $10 in the recent 
past, and she would check on current rates.  Henry 
volunteered that he might have a source for reasonably 
priced business cards and would let us know the 
details at our next meeting.

  The next business topic was whether or not to 
donate $1,000 to the SAGAC, good for the next two 
years instead of three years as in the past, to 
have our logo attached to the teamís new shirts.  
A decision needs to be made at this meeting, so 
that they may order new shirts by the end of 
October.  After some discussion, it was decided not 
to make a donation at all.  The vote was almost 
unanimous against the donation.

Lou again brought up the topic of a new venue for
IHD and the dance for 2017, and reiterated our 
requirements.  Joan asked if someone would check 
the VFW Hall on Fredericksburg Road.  Helena 
reminded us that both Comhaltas and Boru have 
folded, so finding a band or bands for both IHD 
and the dance will be a challenge this coming year.

In chair reports:  neither the treasurer nor the 
social chair were in attendance, so there were no 
reports.  Kay, our Membership chair, said that 
checks are coming in steadily.  She repeated the 
details for the upcoming concerts, including the 
$99 special for dinner and a show with free parking.  
Bernadette is interested.  We have a new member 
today, and Kay introduced Barbara and asked 
her to tell us a bit about herself.
In the interest of saving time for Helenaís program
on the history of the Irish language, Susan 
suggested that the minutes and her four chair 
reports be tabled until next month.  The meeting 
was adjourned at 3:55 for refreshments, with Henry 
making the motion and 
John seconding it.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley
ICS Secretary