Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




  The April 10th, 2016 meeting of the Irish Cultural Society
was brought to order by President Lou Kelley at 3:17pm.
Lou led us in both the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance
today. The minutes of the March meeting were read and
approved as read, Henry making the motion and John seconding
it. Treasurer Bob Barron said that there hadn't been much
activity this past month because the annual Irish Heritage
Day and dance have not yet occurred. There were no bills,
claims or correspondence to report this past month.
  Membership chair Kay Delaney gave us updates on our
ailing members who haven't attended meetings recently. She
noted that there are 22 members in attendance today. She
has tickets for our Irish Heritage Day and Lou will email
them out to our membership as well.
Social director Ethna Torres requested baked goods, and Susan,
Plans and Programs chair, let her know that there are sign up
sheets available today for those who are willing to bake for
IHD, and for anyone wanting to volunteer to help out at IHD.
  Librarian Susan Feeley reported that there are new CDs
to check out today, and she has a book review article on our
newest book acquisition, should anyone like to come read it
and check out the book afterwards.
  The scholarship chair reported that she and her committee
have quite a dilemma this year. Two excellent essays were
received by the deadline of March 31st, and the committee is
having a terrible time trying to decide which young man should
receive the scholarship. This has not happened before in the 15
years that the scholarship chair has been involved in choosing the
best essay. Joan (VP) made a motion that we have a contingency
plan. ToWIT:
  If the committee simply cannot decide, then another $1,000
should be made available so that we can award two scholarships this
year. The membership had no problem in voting yes to that idea.
Lou read a proposal from a former member in which he wanted us to
vote to support a particular viewpoint on Irish politics. After
some discussion it was agreed that we are a social and cultural
organization, and we voted no, resoundingly, to the proposal.
Under new business, it was suggested that Sister Rita Prendergast
be invited to present a program on a book she has published,
called "Gleanings". That will be done.
  A nominating committee was formed to find volunteers to
fill the slate for June's election. Joan volunteered to head the
committee, and Bernadette and John offered to help her. The
meeting was adjourned at 3:58 for refreshments, after which ICS
member Helena Ryan will present a program on the basics of
learning Gaelic.

Respectfully submitted,

   Susan S. Feeley