Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




MEETING - February 10, 2013

President Lou Kelley convened the meeting at 3:15pm, and 
then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation.
The minutes of the previous meeting in January were read
and approved as read.
The treasurer's report today was read by Lou Kelley.  
According to Bob Barron, our treasurer, $1,250 has been 
spent so far towards the cost of the dance.  We had a gross 
income of 65 cents, and around $5,500 remains in the ICS 
checking account.  The secretary has a copy of the report 
if you'd like to see it.
Membership chair Kay Delaney reiterated her comments from 
last month concerning the need for members to renew and 
to pass along an e-mail address to her or Lou to expedite 
getting last minute ICS news out to our membership.  She 
stated we had 37 members and 4 guests at today's meeting.
Lou mentioned that we need a publicity chair, but no one 
volunteered.  Ethna, our social chair, will not be in 
town for IHD, so Sheila will take charge of the tasting 
table that day. She told us that Waxy O'Connor has 
generously donated Irish Stew for our heritage day, and 
proposed that ICS purchase a $25 gift certificate for a 
dinner at Waxy's in appreciation.
Lou reviewed what John Donnellan had spoken about at our 
last meeting regarding changes to the scholarship by-laws, 
and then reported the results of an e-mail vote of the 
ICS board done in the last month between the January and 
February meetings.  
Proposition 1 was approved by the board, and then moved 
and seconded by the general meeting membership today.  
Proposition 2 was voted down by the ICS board by a 2-4 
margin; however, the general membership overruled the 
board, and Proposition 2 was passed.  The scholarship 
chair stated that, based on the last ten year's experience, 
she wasn't expecting to receive any essays through the mail 
before the very end of March.
Our Plans and programs chair, Helena Ryan, announced the 
schedule for who is working each booth and table at Irish 
Heritage Day, and she also announced the entertainment 
schedule for that day.  At 11:55 Lou will speak for a 
few moments, and the event will be opened by bagpipes 
played by Sue Brannon.  Jim and Maggie Fox will play from 
noon until 12:45, followed by the Black Bear Pipe Band 
for 45 minutes, the Comhaltas sessions band for the next 
45 minutes, and then storytelling by Jane McDaniel for 
30 minutes.  Aidan has the stage from 2:45 until 3:30, 
followed by the Kelley singers until 4pm.  St. Gregory's 
School of Dance will perform for 30 minutes, and the last 
act of the day will be the trio, Ravenmoor.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:55pm, to be followed by 
refreshments and today's program.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley