Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas





1. Call the meeting to order: Louis Kelley called the 
meeting to order at 3:40 PM
2. Opening prayer: Given by Sr. Rita Prendergast.
3. Pledge of Allegiance: not performed.
4. Roll call of officers: not held.
5. Reading of the minutes: Minutes of the meeting 
5/1/2016 were read by Louis Kelley and adopted as 
presented with motion by Kat Delaney and second 
by Merita McCann.
6. Reading of the Treasurer’s report: Bob Barron 
presented the treasurer’s report. Spread sheet of 
Revenues and Expenses for the recent combined 
Irish Heritage Day and Dance were presented and 
distributed. A loss of $1,267.29 was incurred  
for the event.
7. Bills and claims: None
8. Reading of any correspondence: Thank you letters 
for attending the funeral of Maura Chiarrocchi, 
participating in the Rosary for Sr. Carmel, and 
for receipt of ICS scholarship were read.
9. Report on any members who are sick: Mary Sweeney 
has moved to Windemere, Louis has her phone number 
and will provide it on request to members who wish 
to contact her.
10. Report of any special committees:
   a. Membership: Kay Delaney reported no updates
   b. Plans and Programs: Kay Delaney reported 
that “Irish Christmas Concert” is scheduled at the 
Tobin Center for 12/10/2016 and “Irish Tenors” 
concert will be at the Majestic Theater on 2/23/2017. 
Group discounted tickets will be available if 
more than 10 tickets are purchased for each event.
   c. Social: Plans for Christmas party 2016 have 
not yet been made and all suggestions for a venue 
should be submitted.
   d. Scholarship: No report
   e. Library: No report
   f. Scholarship: Again, no report
   g. Newsletter Editor/Publisher: No report
11. Receipts (dues paid and etc.): No report
12. Unfinished business (old, open): 
Report from Nominating committee and results of 
the ballots received: 
	President – Louis Kelley, 
	Secretary – Susan Feeley, 
	Member-at –large – John Donnellan.
13. New business: 
Board meeting will be scheduled for August. 
Next general meeting of the ICS membership will 
be in September 2016. Recent suggestion by Jane 
McDaniel to purchase business cards that members 
may then personalize was well received and tabled 
to discuss at the September meeting.
Louis mentioned a problem with the ownership of 
the Logo of the ICS. Joan Moody stated that this 
was designed by Sr.Eilish and Tom Ryan 
when the society was founded. Louis undertook to 
ensure the Logo was registered in the name of the 
society with the appropriate authorities.
14. Adjournment of the business meeting: Moved 
by Mary Jo Quinn and Second by Joan Moody at 4:15 pm.

Submitted by

William John Ryan
Acting Secretary