Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Irish Cultural Society meeting, Sunday, April 13, 2003

President Louis Kelley expressed his and the board's appreciation
of all who worked to ensure the success of the Noel Henry Dance
and Irish Heritage Day, both held in March.
Treasurer Bob Slattery thought the band didn't seem to be the same
group that usually came.
Al Gillen offered to check into the possibility of getting another
show band from the New York area when he visits the area this

Noel Henry Dance: Although the dance made a profit, there was
less income from this year's event through loss of support in 2 local
parishes that usually hosted the band.
Father O' Gorman offered to personally supplement some of the loss.
His generous gesture was greatly appreciated but it was agreed it
was not necessary.

Irish Heritage Day: Because of improved location and space the
event was a big success. Several ideas for further improvement
were suggested:
It was suggested there should be a break in entertainment to allow
more time for booth browsing and increased sales for vendors.
We should rent a better sound system for IHD.
Once the entertainment schedule has been set, the adding of extra
last minute entertainers should not be permitted.
There was a suggestion that we consider shortening the day to 4 hours.

Profit from Noel Henry Dance was $2,458. IHD expenses were $166.64
Elaine Hyland suggested that we urge members to support the Noel
Henry Dance by purchasing tickets even if the purchaser cannot
attend, - they could pass the purchased tickets on to others.

Kay Delaney reported that approximately 20 people at IHD requested
ICS information. She mailed a copy of the recent newsletter to each.
No new members were present at the meeting but members Celeste
and Bob Barron (Bob is president of the AOH) ---- Taylor, and Willie
Fahy were welcomed. Willie said he would be happy to donate some
of the popular Irish linen tea towels for the next IHD. His
suggestion was applauded.
Joan Moody asked who in the schools is the recipient of the
Scholarship information. She had been told that some schools
received the applications too late for participation.
Nora Olivares replied and said the applications should be sent to both
the school counselors and the chair of counselors in both the English
and History departments. She also suggested that instead of giving
$500 to one winner, the award be divided into two awards of $250 each.
Scholarship Chair Al Gillen said he would first like to discuss that
suggestion with members of the committee.

Al Gillen expressed his disappointment at the lack of visible coverage
of IHD and St. Patrick's Day by the photographic Department of the
SA Express News. President Louis Kelley replied that we would look
into that in the future.

Robert Barron said there is not enough Irish presence at the annual
Folk Life Festival held downtown. The event is on June 5 this year.
He reminded anyone planning to attend the event to bring along a
folding chair. Bob Slattery said there would be a reminder on the
event in the May newsletter.

Sr. Carmel reminded members of the upcoming Daniel O'Donnell
Concert at Laurie Auditorium, May 18.

Members were also reminded about the speaker sponsored by the
Irish Cultural Society in May: Irish Perceptions, by Evelyn Coleman
of the Irish American Cultural Institute. Her topic would be on
“The Wild Geese” and their ancestor's involvement in the wine
industry of France. The location would be at the Visual
Arts & Technology Center at SAC, 7 pm, Friday, May 9.

Joan Moody reminded members that St. Thomas University,
Houston, has an Irish Department. The director is David O'Keefe.
The department's main support is from the Irish Society of Houston.

Bob Slattery reported that riding in a white truck suitably decorated
for the occasion he and President Louis Kelley and Tom Hyland
represented the ICS in its first­ ever participation in the annual
St. Patrick's Day Parade in March. The ICS was awarded a trophy
for its involvement. Bob reminded members of the society's goal
of closer involvement with the other Irish groups in SA.

Bob also reminded members that by June we would need a slate
of names for the positions open for election on the board. Three
members offered to be on the nominating committee -Tom
Sweeney, Kay Delaney and John Donnellan.

Due to the small number that attended the meeting the planned
program was held over until May. The business meeting was
followed by social time.

Respectfully submitted by

Mauna Ciarrocchi Acting Secretary
for Secretary Peggy Hill