Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The meeting was called to order by President Lou Kelley at 3:15pm. Father Will
gave the invocation today, and Lou led us in the Pledge of Allegiance immediately
after that.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as read. Bob Barron was absent from
today's meeting and, therefore, there was no treasurer's report.
Kay announced that we have two new members today. They are Tyler and Charla Tully. They
stood and told us a bit about themselves. Kay has ICS t-shirts with her today in sizes L and XL
at $15 each, if you are needing one to wear on IHD day next weekend. She also has dance tickets
available for sale today back at the membership table for $15 each. Thirteen tables are already
sold, so see her soon for the best selection of remaining seats for the dance on March 19th.
Ethna has the sign-up sheet with her at this meeting for the IHD tasting table. This is a very popular
venue and we don't want to run out of food, so please sign up and bake something for next Sunday.
Lou asked that if you are aware of ICS members who are in ill health, let him know.
Susan announced that one essay has already been received for the essay competition. The deadline is
March 31st. Sheila gave us a run-down on the activities and entertainment that will be available at
next week's Irish Heritage Day at SAC's Loftin Student Center. At 2:30 on that day Lou will
announce that half of the proceeds for the rest of the afternoon will be going to the Grand Prize
Kay announced that she had contacted the photographer for the Star insert of Sunday's
newspaper to see if he'll come take some photos. Sheila said that our November meeting,
"Memories of Ireland", was so popular that we will have another session at the April 17th
meeting so that more people can share their stories.
On May 15th Jerry McKenna will be our speaker, and then in June the scholarship check will be
presented to the writer of the best essay. Also, elections will take place for vice-president,
treasurer, and the programs chair. Sheila is in charge of the decorating for our dance, but she
isn't sure what time the committee will be allowed in the church hall. She will let us know.
Tom Ryan is actually chairing the dance committee.
Tom Macken got up and thanked everybody who has already signed up to help out with the
upcoming Comhaltas of NA being held at the Airport Hilton. He gave us an explanation of that
weekend's activities. He said that now there are three rooms reserved for the storytelling competition.
For spectators, there will be a stage in the lobby from 10am on, and he is sure that there will
always be entertainment available there during the weekend. It was moved, seconded, and approved
that ICS spend $100 to put a full page ad in the Comhaltas brochure.
Lou announced that Judy Lewis has offered to be our publicity chair. Everybody at the meeting
approved of that. He also requested again that if you have an e-mail address, please get that
to him so that the ICS is able to expedite important messages to its members. Lou asked that
we give a band called "Lightwave" four tickets to our dance, so that they can observe the
Noel Henry band performing. It was moved and seconded.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:07pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Feeley
Secretary ICSSA