Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




MEETING - January 13, 2013

January's meeting was called to order at 3:15pm by 
President Lou Kelley, who then led us in the Pledge 
of Allegiance and the invocation.
The minutes from the previous meeting in November of 
2012 were read and approved as read. At this point, 
John Donnellan asked to recognize Helena for all of 
her hard work on behalf of the ICS, and our 
membership supported this idea with applause.
Kay says there are 39 members and 8 guests at today's 
meeting to hear the musical program to be presented  
by Boru.  She reiterated the message posted in the 
February newsletter asking for the membership's help 
in getting accurate and updated e-mails to her and 
Lou, even if you don't want to receive the newsletter 
by e-mail.  That way last minute information can be 
sent out  to the membership if there is a death in 
our group or some other important announcement. 
Lou then asked for a volunteer to finish out this 
year's public relations position or to consider 
taking the social committee position as Ethna is out 
of town so often now to help her daughter's family.  
There were no volunteers.  However, it was noted that 
Sheila will take care of the food table at Irish 
Heritage Day in lieu of Ethna.
John Donnellen, who headed the scholarship research 
committee, spoke at this point.  Neither Jane 
McDaniel nor Joan Moody were able to attend their 
committee meeting.  However, both Henry McCann and 
Barbara Pierce were able to attend.  As John spoke 
about their recommendations, it became evident that 
the committee had worked from an older, outdated 
ICS Constitution & By-Laws.  Lou thanked John and 
his committee for their hard work, and said he would 
look at the newest rendition of our Constitution & 
By-Laws, and would follow their recommendations when 
updating those documents once more, hopefully within 
a few days.
Lou reviewed the problems we had, computer-wise, 
trying to get this month's newsletter onto the website.  
Mickey offered to help set up Lou's computer to make 
it easier for us to publish the newsletter.
Jane reviewed the available tables and the cost for 
vendors to have one at IHD.  The ICS interest groups 
and other cultural groups can have a table free of 
Bob Barron, our treasurer, stated we had just over 
$6700 in our checking account.  
Helena passed out sign-up sheets for IHD and a 
schedule of programs through June.
Someone asked about the dance.  We have a place, and 
should be signing up a band very soon.  The meeting 
was adjourned at 3:58pm. 

Respectfully submitted.

Susan S. Feeley