Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Lou Kelley convened the meeting at 3:15 P.M.
Sister Carmel led us in the invocation.  President 
Kelley led us in the pledge of allegiance.
The minutes of the previous meeting in February by 
Secretary Susan Feeley were read and approved. 
Lou Kelley read the treasurer's report for the 
month of March.
Committee Reports:
 Plans and Programs: Helena Ryan
	April: Cheryl Green
	May: Reading of the winning scholarship essay, 
presentation of scholarship prize.
	June: Potluck and possible piano entertainment.
Library Committee Report: There are many books 
still in circulation. Please check your bookshelves 
for books, DVDs and VCR tapes. Please return them to 
Susan Feeley. All items are stamped with ICS name. 
Scholarship Committee:
There have been 3 essays submitted and the committee 
will read, select an essay and notify the winner to 
appear at the May meeting.
New Business: 
1. Nominating committee assembled: 
Susan Feeley, Kay Delaney, and Ethna Torres 
2.  Lou read a request from Liam O'Connor, Irish 
musician, who needs any musicians to play piano, 
guitar, etc. See 
Lou for more info if you are available to assist 
Liam O'Conner in his concert.
3. June 16 : Blooms Day; Leopold Bloom
4. IHD: Great thanks to Helena Ryan and Jane 
McDaniel for working so hard to make Irish 
Heritage Day a great success.
5. Lou presented increasing the annual donation to 
St. Patrick's  RC Church . The motion was made by 
John Donnellan and seconded by Merita McCann to 
increase donation amount to St. Patrick's from 
$100 to $200. Motion approved.
6. September meeting : Lou mentioned that it will
be open for discussion to donate money to ICC. The 
new ICS board will meet in August and determine a 
presentation and possible recommendation for the 
September meeting.
7. Sound system:  It has been recommended that 
ICS purchase a good sound system  to have 
available for functions.  We could rent one for 
$120 per use.  To purchase our own good sound 
system will cost approximately $1200. We will need
a place to store it and someone to maintain it.
8. Lou proposed a thank you dinner in the fall of 
2013 for members and spouses who have been 
instrumental in getting functions planned and 
executed for the 2012-13 year. 
This can be discussed at the August 2013 board 
Lou made a personal statement re: the two 
proposals that were presented and voted upon by 
the membership.
*Two proposals were submitted and discussed by 
the board and then presented to the general 
membership and voted on at the February meeting.  
Seven members voted in support of the board's 
recommendations, however the majority of members 
voted to change the bylaws of the constitution.  
The changes were made by Lou Kelley and posted 
on the website.
Lou made a personal statement regarding the 
membership's decision to overrule the  board's 
recommendation. He interpreted that as a "vote 
of no confidence" and submitted his resignation 
as President effective the end of June 2013.  
He feels the ICS will be better served with 
a different leader.  
There was a great deal of discussion and 
requests for elaboration and explanation, which 
Lou addressed. He emphatically reiterated that 
he will not serve as president after June 2013.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:00PM, to be 
followed by refreshments and the program.
Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Pierce
Acting Secretary