Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The February 2016 meeting of the Irish Cultural Society 
was brought to order by President Lou Kelley at 3:15pm.  
Lou led us in the invocation today and Barbara Pierce 
led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and 
approved as read, the motion being made by Bernadette 
and seconded by Henry.  Treasurer Bob Barron gave his 
report, saying that he had written a check for $827 
this past month to secure the Leon Valley Community 
Center for us on April 24th for our joint Irish Heritage 
Day and annual dance.  Otherwise there were no bills or 
claims this past month, nor did Lou receive any 

Under membership, it was suggested that the term 
“inactive” be applied to those past members who have 
not paid but haven’t been courteous enough to let Kay 
know that they won’t be re-joining the ICS.  Kay is 
wanting to get the membership roster done, and these 
people are delaying the process.  There are 18 members 
in attendance today.

Under Plans and Programs, the chair outlined today’s 
program and also those for April and May.  In April 
Helena will be teaching us some of the basics of the 
Irish language.  Our May meeting is generally reserved 
for the rewarding of the ICS scholarship.  No essays 
have been received by the scholarship chair as of yet, 
and because the essays aren’t due until March 31st, 
she doesn’t expect to receive any before next month’s 
meeting either.  The librarian reported that she has 
corresponded recently with Manus McGuire of the Brock 
McGuire band to congratulate him on receiving the TIR 
award from the Chicago Irish Times for album of the 
year with his other band, Buttons and Bows.  He 
responded and said he would send a copy of the CD to her. 

In Old Business, the choices made by the board at the 
February board meeting about the upcoming IHD/dance 
were reviewed with the membership.  The vote was 
unanimous to accept these decisions.  It was also 
suggested that young adults between the ages of 12 and 
18 be charged $5 instead of $15.  That was also agreed 

There was no new business today.  The meeting was 
adjourned at 4:12pm, followed by  refreshments and 
a program presented by storyteller Jane McDaniel.

Respectfully presented,

Susan S. Feeley
ICS secretary