Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Minutes - ICS Meeting - June 14, 2015

President Lou Kelley welcomed everyone to our meeting 
at 3:15PM.  Sister Carmel gave the invocation, and Joan 
led us in the Pledge of Allegiance today.

The minutes of last month’s meeting were read and approved 
as read, Joan making the motion and Jane seconding.   
Twenty members and six guests are in attendance today. 
There is no treasurer’s report, as Bob is not in attendance.  

However, Lou had the figures on the annual dance held at the 
end of March, and how much money we lost hosting it.  It 
amounted to around $1800 this past year, once all the bills 
were paid.  The outlay for the dance hall and a band accounts 
for most of that figure.  Discussion followed about whether 
or not to hold a dance again next year.  Nothing was voted 
on, though.  Joan suggested the newly opened District 10 
Senior Center as a possibility.  Lou reminded everybody that 
if they have suggestions for new venues, whether for the dance 
or IHD, that they really need to follow the suggestions and 
guidelines that he has placed on our website - to make sure 
the place is a good fit for us - before bringing their idea 
to the meeting.  Doris made a pitch for a daytime event, 
citing the Czech Heritage group that holds a luncheon at 11 
in the morning, with dancing from 1-4PM.  Consensus was to 
close up any event by twilight as so many members do not 
want to drive at night, but no vote was taken.
Lou received no bills or correspondence this past month.  He 
again reviewed the email procedure we use for posting the 
newsletter online.  There was no publicity report because 
publicity is essentially completed once March is over with.  
Member Mary Molina and guest Mary Delaney offered to count the 
ballots for today’s vote.  The newsletter editor announced that 
the next newsletter will arrive in late August, in plenty of 
time to advise everyone about the September meeting.
There was no old business to discuss.  Under new business the 
new 2015-2016 officer’s slate was announced.  New 
vice-president is Joan Moody.  Susan is again Plans and Programs 
chair, Bob was re-elected as treasurer, Jane McDaniel is the new 
Publicity chair, and Helena moves into the vacant 
member-at-large position.
The business meeting was adjourned at 3:55pm, with Joan making 
the motion and Mary Molina seconding.  The winning essay for 
this year’s $1,000 scholarship will be read this afternoon by 
its author, Miss Alyssa Lilly, and then the check will be 
presented to her.  New publicity chair Jane McDaniel has assured 
us that a photo of the presentation will appear in the San Antonio 
Express “On the Scene” page.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley,
ICS secretary