Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Lou Kelley opened the business meeting at
3:20pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sister 
Carmel gave the invocation today. 
When the minutes were read, Sister Carmel mentioned
that at the previous meeting she had reminded us of
the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Mass at 10am at 
St. Patrick's Church over by Fort Sam Houston.  That 
correction was made.  The minutes were then approved.
Bob Barron, acting treasurer, had no printed report 
today as all computers at his office were being used 
for completing last minute tax returns.  He did say 
that during the past quarter, we were in the red to 
the tune of $1,080.42 for Irish Heritage Day in 
February and also lost $332.80 putting on the Noel 
Henry Dance in March.  He said that there had been 
a $700 drop in ticket sales for the dance from the 
previous year.  Lou then reminded us that we don't 
vote on the budget report.  It is filed and then 
the books are audited at the end of our fiscal year.
Lou  read an e-mail from the national AOH concerning
the need for money to erect a statue to Commodore 
Barry at the Naval Academy.  Anyone interested in 
contributing can see Lou for the contact information.
Also, there was a request from the SAGAA for money 
to help fund the trip to Philadelphia in September 
for the national Gaelic football competition.  It 
was moved, seconded and approved to contribute 
  A second request came from the Gaelic football 
association to consider contributing to the building
of a common Irish Cultural Center here in San Antonio
for all the Celtic groups.  Henry McCann reminded us
that there was an attempt made years ago to encourage
the same project, and nothing came of it.  Moya 
suggested that renting a hall or building when it is 
needed makes more sense than going into debt building 
a center.  Sr. Carmel said that there was no reason 
for the ICS to get involved with this project, based 
on our ICS needs.  The idea of participating was 
voted down by the membership.
  Lou said he received just a few comments from people 
concerning IHD at LVCC who said they thought the room 
was too noisy and crowded.  He said we need to weigh 
those comments against the accommodating staff at 
LVCC, the great parking situation, and low price to 
rent the facility.  Someone also commented on how 
conveniently located LVCC is for the many ICS members 
who live on the NW side of San Antonio.
Kay, our membership chair, announced that there 
are 33 members and 7 guests in attendance for 
today's program by Scott Burns.  She metioned that 
the Mavericks came as guests of the Barron's.
Helen, programs and plans chair, announced that May's 
program would be the reading of the winning 
scholarship essay and presentation of the check to 
the winner.  At this point June's meeting is 
tentatively scheduled to celebrate Father O'Gorman's 
retirement, which is effective July 1st.
Publicity has been handled by Lou since January 
after the resignation of the previous publicity 
chair just after Christmas Day.
Librarian Susan Feeley announced that today she 
has some new DVDs, Cds, books, and magazines with 
her.  As scholarship chair she also announced that 
we do have a winning scholarship again this year.  
The meeting was adjourned at 3:46pm.