Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Lou Kelley opened the business meeting at 3:16pm,
followed by the invocation by Sister Carmel.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited after that.
The minutes from the November meeting were read
and approved as read.
Bob Barron, Treasurer, gave the report for the first quarter
of this fiscal year. There were then some questions, which Bob
answered, on how much Leon Valley Community Center would cost
us for IHD vs. Sacís Loftin Center which we have used for several
years in the past. LVCC is much more cost effective since SACís
rental and security costs have risen dramatically since last
Lou asked if anyone had received any correspondence regarding
ICS since our last meeting. He reported that some interesting
essays from early ICS meetings would be on the ICS website
within a day or two of this meeting for all of us to read.
Kay, membership chair, made another appeal for e-mail addresses
from our members, and also wants you to indicate whether or not
you want to share that e-mail with other ICS members. Lou
reiterated that ICS membersí e-mails will not be given out to
other organizations or be able to be culled from his internet
correspondence with us, and covered all the possibilities for
needing the e-mail addresses of our ICS members.
Helena, Plans and Programs chair, brought large sign-up sheets
with her so that you can volunteer for IHD, coming up in a
little over a month from now. She gave a run-down of the
entertainment she has scheduled for the afternoon of IHD. The
sound system at LVCC is suitable for speech but not music, so
we will have to come up with something else for all the
musicians performing at IHD. She thanked Lou, Sheila, and
Jane for all their help so far in preparing for the big day.
Lou announced that he has assumed responsibility for publicity
as our previous chair has resigned. Ethna requested baked goods
and help at the tasting table for IHD.
It was suggested that the Comhaltas Sunday afternoon sessions
group could play at IHD from 2-5 to accompany the performers,
and that their fee would be a donation to Comhaltas. A vote was
taken and the motion was passed.
The Librarian announced she had some new books and magazines for
anyone interested in taking a look at them. Sister Carmel
reminded us of the special Mass at 10am on Mar. 17th at St.
Patrickís Church, an annual event to remember our patron saint.
Kay brought copies of ICS flyers, so that you could take some,
make extra copies and distribute them throughout the city to
advertise our upcoming ICS activities in February and March.
Barb Patrick announced, on behalf of the Harp and Shamrock,
that there would be no St. Patrickís Day street parade this
year, due to rising costs from the city of San Antonio to do
so. The River Parade is still scheduled for St. Patrickís Day,
a Saturday this year, and there will be a Hooley at Beethoven
Garden afterward, free to H & S members, but there is still a
need for volunteers to help out at the Hooley.

Todayís business meeting was adjourned at 4:07pm.
Respectfully Submitted,

Susan S. Feeley, Secretary