Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The November meeting of the Irish Cultural Society was 
called to order by vicepresident, Lou Kelley, at 3:15 
pm. Sister Carmel led us in the invocation, and then 
we sang "Happy Birthday" to Sister Carmel. Her birthday 
is November 16th. The Pledge of Allegiance followed the 
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted 
as read. Lou Kelley said he would be updating the 
website within the next few days.
Treasurer Bob Barron gave the monthly report. He said 
we had taken in $611.42 since the previous month, 
mainly because of collecting dues. Further details of 
the finances are included in the monthly report.
Membership chair Kay Delaney said that most people have 
paid their dues for this year. New member Martha Evins 
was asked to tell a little about herself. She plays 
fiddle, is learning Gaelic, and is planning a trip to 
Ireland next year with her sister. Also present today 
was Deacon Patrick Higgins, originally from Galway, who 
has been here for 4 years. He will be ordained a priest 
on June 26th of 2010. Soon thereafter he is planning on 
visiting Ireland, and he passed out a few brochures of 
his itinerary to those who were interested.
Our speaker for the day, Milo Kearney, introduced 
himself and his wife to us. He told us a few stories, 
one about a family banshee, and another about how the 
Penal Law of 1690 was used by one of his ancestors to 
wrest the McCarthy's castle and lands from them. In 
library news, there are several new music CDs and DVD 
movies available today. Our social director, Ethna, 
is collecting money for the "Little Christmas" dinner 
on January 8th. Please pay her as soon as possible so 
she can get an accurate tally to the Old San Francisco 
Steak House on time.
There was no scholarship committee news this month.
Public Relations - Nora has us booked for the Loftin 
Center at SAC for February 28th, 2010. This time we 
will be responsible for our own pick up after Irish 
Heritage Day. Program director Sheila Carrola says 
she has some connections with the Boy Scouts who 
need to do community service, and she'll see if 
they'll be available to do the pick up that day. 
She reminded us that the St. Patrick's Day parade 
will be on Saturday, March 13`h in 2010. Carolyn Dowd 
from the Harp and Shamrock organization is again in 
charge. Our December meeting is cancelled because of 
so many other commitments at this busy time of the year.
The topic of ICS shirts was brought up again. We are 
hoping to get them for $15 or less. A discussion 
followed on t-shirt vs. polo style, but no decision 
or vote was taken. Sheila asked all native-born Irish 
to stand. She had told Deacon Higgins that the ICS 
has more of them than the Harp and Shamrock or the 
Ancient Order of Hibernians. The deacon conceded that 
may be true. The winner of the raffle is Milo Kearney! 
The meeting was adjourned at 3:48pm. After refreshments 
our guest speaker will talk about the parallels between 
Ireland and India since antiquity.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Feeley