Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




MEETING - January 16th, 2005

Minutes - Irish Cultural Society - January 16th, 2005
President Lou Kelley opened the meeting at 4:13 p.m. followed by the
invocation by Sister Carmel. Sister then announced that on the 12th
of June of this year St. Gregory's would be celebrating its 50th
anniversary. She wanted to make sure that we know we are welcome
to celebrate with the parish. Minutes of the previous meeting were
read and approved. Lou then asked Maura to announce the raffle
prizes for the day. Lou read a thank you note received from the
Sisters who took part in the Green Santa program in early January.
Committee reports:
At 4:23 p.m. treasurer Bob Slattery began giving the treasurer's
report, letting us know that we ended 2004 with $7,971.64. (The
treasurer's monthly report is attached to each meeting's minutes.)
Our membership chair, Kay Delaney, told us that 26 members and
3 guests were present at this meeting. Gene Logan, our program
chair, gave us a choice of four different programs that Professor
Cohen would be willing to present at the February meeting. The
overwhelming choice was in favor of Flann O'Brien, an Irish humorist.
The librarian announced that besides the regular choices,
additional videos and books from the ICS library with a romantic
theme were available for check-out at this meeting, in anticipation
of St. Valentine's Day. Susan Feeley, the assistant to the
scholarship chair, announced that the second mail-out to schools
had been accomplished the previous week, in hopes of generating
a sufficient reply of well-written essays to choose from to win the
scholarship money this year. Our public relations chair, Maura
Ciarrocchi, says that ITC is taking care of most of the prep work
for this year's Irish Heritage Day.
Old Business:
There were 91 people at this past December's Christmas dinner,
with members of the Irish Cultural Society, Harp & Shamrock,
and the AOH and their guests in attendance. Bob is adamant
that he will not chair the Christmas dinner committee again. We
need a volunteer to take over.
Lou reiterated the dates, April 2 & 3, for our St. Patrick's Day
Dance at St.Gregory's this year, and Fenton Stanley will again
provide the music.
Lou announced that home schoolers are now included on the
scholarship link to our ICS webpage.
New Business:
The St. Patrick's Day Parade is coming up, and Bob is adamant
about not being in charge of the ICS participation in the parade,
which includes locating and decorating an appropriate vehicle.
Gene Logan is in charge of the street parade this year, and said
he would contact the person in charge of car rentals for the Harp
and Shamrock to see if arrangements could also be made for the
ICS participants.
Guests Michael Parker and his 15-year-old daughter, Mary Clare,
were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and explain
their interest in attending our January meeting.
Peggy Hill asked about the Irish Proclamations by the mayor of
San Antonio, the governor of Texas, and the President of the
United States. Lou is taking care of that.
From 5:04-5:20 refreshments were served. At 5:21 the raffle took
place, with Pegi Mill's number being called first. She chose the
"So You Think You're Irish" book, followed by Helen Logan, who
chose the Frank Patterson music tape, a guest, Alison winning
the dictionary, and Celeste Perez winning an assortment of music
The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by

Susan Feeley
ICS secretary/librarian