Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Sister Carmel opened the meeting with prayer, especially
interceding for Jack Heaney, who will have cancer surgery
Tuesday. Scholarship chairman Al Gillen introduced winner
Jenifer Mulhollen of East Central High School. She read her
essay on Charles Stewart Parnell, a famed leader in the home
rule movement. Jenifer will go to UTSA, planning to become a
physical therapist. She is very interested in sports,
especially cross- country running. She graduated sixth in a
class of 500.
After the refreshment break, we observed the formality of the
election of officers. Lou Kelley, Peggy Hill, Al Gillen, and
Kay Delaney continue as President, Secretary, Scholarship
Chairman, and Membership Chairman respectively. The minutes
and treasurer's report were read and accepted.

New business:
Bob Slattery volunteered to head up the program committee
unofficially. Al Gillen reported his findings on the Live Oak Civic Center
as a site for next year's Irish Heritage Day. There is plenty
of parking, free advertising on their neon sign and in the
Herald paper, set up and breakdown, all provided for the cost
of $1200, availability on March 30. The other alternative is the
International Center at Incarnate Word, now undergoing renovation.
The cost estimate will not be available until late July. Peter
Hynes questioned the expenditure of over $500 without the approval
of the membership or board. Therefore Al made a motion that the
board collect information and evaluate all potential sites for
Irish Heritage Day ASAP, overriding committee formed last month.
Peter added the motion that the board be empowered to spend in
excess of $500 on site if needed. Both motions were seconded and
accepted by vote with one opposing because there was no cap on the

There were 21 members in attendance and four guests: Jenifer and
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mulhollen, and brother, Sean.

Respectfully submitted

Peggy Hill, Secretary