Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




MAY 16, 2004
The minutes were read and approved. President Lou Kelley
has information about the proposed Irish Veterans'
Museum and Memorial in Dublin, should we desire to
contribute. Treasurer Slattery said our profit, from
the St Patrick's Day Dance was $2416, only slightly
less than last year's Noel Henry dance and much less
work. We will be looking into alternate locations for
Irish Heritage Day, This year's (IHD) cost us over
$1000. Our checking account balance is $10,731.06.
The Comhaltus Kilkenney children's performance earned
proceeds of $1250 which, less equipment rental and
clean-up costs, were given to the group. The Christmas
party date is firm - December 4 (20004) at Fort Sam
Houston Officers' Club. Librarian Susan can tape any
movie or PBS special without fear of copyright
violation, since it is for education. Scholarship
Chairman Nora reported that, of the five essays
submitted, none was deemed worthy of a $500. award
although each participant received a note of thanks. We
will amend contest guidelines to include homeschooler's.
Nora will be glad to put on a program in the fall from
her forthcoming book. Social Chairman Brenda announced
attendance of 21 at the play "The Clearing." River
dance is coming up. Bob Barron asked, for volunteers
to work three-hour shifts at the AOH booth at the
Folklife Festival June 10-13. The booth will be themed
after the San Patricios Battalion. The incentive is free
admission to the festival.
Sister Carmel is recovering well from bunion surgery.
Father O'Gorman's 40th. anniversary will be observed on
June 6 at 3 p.m, with a mass and reception. Ticket's for
the meal which, is free must be picked up beforehand.
Membership Chairman Kay requested feedback about having
Finton Stanley for two days next year. An opinion poll
will be, included in the next newsletter. The April
meeting featuring Brian Kennedy was well attended by
32 members and five guests. The business meeting was
adjourned at 4:50pm.
A refreshment break was followed by a contest to guess
the ten most famous names in Irish history. Merita
McCann and Mary Sweeney were bested in the final round
by Maura who won the pool of $5. The June meeting will
feature a potluck and election of officers. There were
20 members and one guest in attendance.
Respectfully submitted

Peggy Hill, Secretary