Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Vice-president Lou Kelley called the meeting to 
order at 3:14pm.  He announced at that point 
that Doris Metzger has copies of the ballot for 
next month's election available. He then asked 
Father White to give the invocation.  The Pledge 
of Allegiance followed.  Minutes of the previous 
meeting were read and accepted as read.
There was no treasurer's report as Bob is 
out-of-town.  There was no social report or PR 
report today either.
Membership Chair Kay Delaney announced that we 
have two new members and several guests present 
today. Each was asked to stand and tell a little 
bit about themselves.
They included Deirdre Carrola and her mother, 
Kay Griffin, Barbara Maher, Pat O'Brien, and Dan 
and Claire White.
Program chair Sheila Carrola talked about 
projected programs for this coming year of 
meetings.  She included ideas like show and 
tell, St. Gregory's Irish dancers, Aran knitting 
and its significance, and will take suggestions 
for other programs.  She spoke about next month's 
program with Dr. Ryan, and introduced today's 
speaker, Deirdre Saravia.
Scholarship chair Susan Feeley announced that 
there is a winner this year and that the 
scholarship check will be presented next month 
to Miss Ariel Hinton.
Door prizes were then announced, and the meeting 
was adjourned at 3:50pm. A fifteen minute 
intermission for refreshments took place before 
we settled back into our chairs to enjoy 
Deirdre Saravia's talk about her life starting 
out in Belfast and including many other
locations around the world.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley
ICS Secretary