Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



- SEPTEMBER 16 2001

Sister Carmel opened the meeting with prayer for our nation,
and Pauline led in the singing of "God Bless America".
The treasurer reported that $4500 had been transferred
to a CD, leaving a balance of $6178.20.
Membership chairman Kay Delaney urged members to pay dues.
It was brought out that any new member joining after May 1st
will be paid up for the full year. The Christmas party plans
at Fort Sam Houston Officers' Club on December 7th
have been finalized. We will have two menu choices.
Al Gillen suggested having a separate chairman for the Noel
Henry dance. Bob Slattery presented the proposed amendment
to the Constitution and By-laws, adding a scholarship
committee to the list of standing committees. The board
voted for the stated revisions, and the general membership
will be notified by news­letter, so as to be prepared to
vote at the October meeting. Bob also publicized the
Inishfree School of Dance Feis and Ceili on October 6 at
the Airport Hilton. The board voted to place an ad in
their newsletter ($50), give a first place award ($50),
and a miscellaneous donation ($50). Maura had a thank-you
note from KLRN for our help with their fund raiser and
some copies of the newspaper article on Jerry McKenna,
the sculptor who spoke at our Irish Heritage Day. Program
chairman Pauline Forbes presented a getting to know you"
game": first place went to Peggy Dougherty who correctly
identified eleven members. We reluctantly departed at
6 p.m. Twenty-one members were in attendance.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Hill, Secretary