Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



- FEBRUARY 17, 2002

The minutes were read and approved. The treasurer's report
was dispensed with in Bob Slattery's absence. Kay Delaney
introduced three new members: Maxine and Richard Dulany (she is
an RN and a docent at the Museum of Art; he is a semi-retired
doctor) and Sean Caveny (he handles subscription sales for the
San Antonio Symphony). NOEL HENRY DANCE: Sister Carmel
said that she and the Hynes spent a day preparing tickets. She
urged us to remember to put our names on the back of the
tickets we sell so hosts can know where to seat your friends.
She needs greeters and decorating help. The traditional
mass at St. Patrick's Church will be at 10 a.m., Saturday,
March 16.
SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTE: Al Gillen sent out flyers to 46 high
schools and received 8 entries. His experience is that
information should be sent to counselors, senior classes
specifically. Peter Hynes added a suggestion to contact the
SA Express to publicize the con­test in their Education pages.
Al requested that the scholarship be doubled next year. The
topic of the essay this year is on a, significant personage in
Irish history.
IRISH HERITAGE DAY: Maura said that Pat Maloney donated
$244 for changing the lettering on the banner and the labor for
putting it up and taking it down. Look for it on De Zavala
Road. $340 has been received for booth rentals @ $20/$30 each
(members get a $10 discount). All are invited to City Hall,
Flores and Dolorosa, on March 7 at 9:30 a.m. to hear Mayor
Garza proclaim IHD. PSA's will go out tomorrow; listen to
hear which stations play them NPR assuredly will.
Al Gillen suggested membership be canvassed about names to put
on the ballot for June election of officers. It was decided to
wait until March events are over. Our newly purchased 4x6
Irish flag from the Dixie Flag Co. was displayed. A motion was
made and carried that we change our April meeting date to
April 14 because the church will be observing Fiesta on our
usual date. As usual, there will be no meeting in March. The
business meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m. After refreshments,
we viewed the video "Ceide Fields", about geological formations
in County Mayo.
Thirty-three members attended.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Hill, Secretary