Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The January meeting of the Irish Cultural Society was called to order by
vice-president, Lou Kelley, at 3:10pm. Father Will led the invocation and the
Pledge of Allegiance followed that.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as read.
Treasurer Bob Barron said he had received bank statements just the previous
day, so his report on the budget did not include that information.
Lou asked that we remember our ICS president, Bob Slattery, in our prayers.
Membership chair, Kay Delaney, mailed the January newsletters on January 8th.
She wanted to know if anyone had received theirs yet other than the Griffins.
No hands were raised. Kay said we had 33 members and 4 guests in attendance
Program chair, Sheila Carrola, requested more volunteers to help with Irish
Heritage Day. She is sending around a sign-up sheet during the meeting. She is
also wanting to do a float for the St. Patrick's Day parade on March 13th. She
is working with Lori Gallagher at St. Thomas University in Houston to schedule
a speaker for one of our meetings. Over all our social chair, Ethna Tones, was
satisfied with how our `Little Christmas' party came off at Old San Francisco
Steak House. She did say, however, that there were complaints about how
overcooked the steaks were.
Nora Olivares, our publicity chair, continues to get the word out about the
upcoming Irish Heritage Day on February 28th to as many places and publications
as possible. She says the Loftin Center on SAC's campus will be open at 9am
to allow us plenty of time for set-up. Sheila says she is working on getting BSA
to help us out as part of their community service hours.
Kay asked for a show of hands of those interested in getting t-shirts very similar
to those already worn by other ICS members.
Both the street parade and the river parade will be on March 13th this year. The
parade chair will again be Carolyn Dowd. For more information on the festivities,
including a golf tournament, please go to the www.harpandshamrock.org site. Tom
Macken announced that the winners of the All-Ireland dancing and music
competition will probably come to SATX in October now that we have a Comhaltas
branch here. The North Texas Irish Festival is the first weekend in March. His
dancers will be there. A group of San Antonians will be going to Ireland in
September with Tom at $2200 per person. See Tom for details.
Henry McCann has requested that any speaker come to the front and face the
audience to speak.
At 3:47 the meeting was adjourned. After refreshments Jane McDaniel will
entertain us with her Irish storytelling.
Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley