Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Lou Kelley opened the meeting at 4:15 pm with
a request that Sister Mary T. Cullen give the invocation.
Minutes of the September 19th meeting were read and
accepted. Treasurer Bob Slattery presented the annual
treasurer's report. In brief we are losing a little over
$1,000/year in the past few years, and have about $8,000
in our bank account right now. (Annual treasurer's report
included at the end of the minutes.) Jane McDaniel asked
questions on the cost of the 2005 IHD, re: parking,
vendors, and entertainment. Questions were answered by Lou
and Bob, and the budget was approved at 4:34 p.m.
Program director Gene Logan expressed disappointment at
the small turnout for today's program. He introduced Dr.
Paul Cohen, our speaker, noting that Dr. Cohen has won a
Fulbright Scholarship. Some background information was
given on the novel Ulysses. It has been called the
quintessential modern novel, and was regarded as a "dirty"
book for more than fifty years after its publication in
1922. For the past thirty years or so, Joyce's work has
been much more accepted. For example, a statue of Joyce has
been erected in Dublin and his face was depicted on the ten
pound Irish note prior to the use of the Euro dollar. Dr.
Cohen then proceeded to compare selected chapters of Joyce's
Ulysses to Homer's Odyssey. (If anyone is interested in
this comparison, I did take notes but am not including
them in the meeting's minutes.) A question and answer
period followed the presentation, and ended at 5:45 pm at
which time Lou called for a refreshment break.
At 6:05 pm we reconvened with the rest of the business
meeting. The raffle winners were called out first: Elaine
Hyland won the plate, Jane McDaniel won the James Joyce
book, Tom Sweeney chose the Princes of Ireland book,
Helen Logan won the video of The Passion, and Bernadette
Barry Bonin received the "consolation prize'- a hug from
Bob Barron's review of the treasurer's budget and book were
read by Lou. It was our second annual audit after going 25
years without one.
Membership chairperson Kay Delaney counted 40 members and 4
guests at today's meeting.
The program for November was not announced at this time.
Our social chairperson, Brenda Tobey, was called out of town
on a family emergency and might not return until January.
There was no scholarship report as Nora had left the
meeting by this time. Old business: Lou reiterated that the Christmas
dinner will be December 4th at the Officer's Club on Fort Sam
Houston, for the last time, and that reservations must be
made and monies collected by our next meeting, November
21th. The St. Patrick's Day Dance will be held April
4th & 5th (2005)at St. Gregory's as these dates were the
ones that worked with the church's and Fenton Stanley's
There was no new business to be discussed at today's
meeting, so the meeting was adjourned at 6:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted by

ICS Secretary / Librarian