Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas





At 3:10 p.m. President Lou Kelley called the October meeting of the 
Irish Cultural Society to order, and then led us in prayer and the 
Pledge of Allegiance.
There was no treasurer’s report today.
The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved as 

Membership chair Kay Delaney reported that she has had a good 
response so far from people  paying their dues this year.  She said 
we have new members this month - Eamon Grant and his wife, 
Gayle.  Kevin O’Connell, who drove to today’s meeting from the 
Austin area, was asked to stand and tell us a bit about himself, 
which we found interesting. There are 28 members and 1 guest at 
today’s meeting.

Program and Plans chair Sheila Carolla told us about the expected 
menu for the Christmas dinner at Milano’s at Wurzbach Parkway 
and Lockhill-Selma Road on December 4th.  The flyer for the 
dinner with the meal choice will be in the November newsletter. 
November’s program will be by the ICS members with a theme 
of sharing memories of travels in Ireland with each other.  The 
upcoming program right after the holidays will include an 
opportunity to practice the steps to the traditional dances for our 
St. Patrick’s dance, and the Kelly Singers will be present  to 
teach us the Irish National Anthem in Gaelic. Also Jane McDaniel 
will be with us in February for another storytelling program. 
At this point Sheila said she had committed ICS to answer 
phones on an upcoming morning for the TPR fundraiser and she 
asked for volunteers.  
So, see Sheila if you are willing to help out.

The Scottish Society in San Antonio has an evening program 
with Carl Peterson coming up later this month, and Sheila 
introduced Ann from their group. Ann is here today with 
flyers and tickets if you are interested in attending.

The library report made mention of new issues of Irish 
magazines, music Cds, and movies being available for 
checkout.  Also, inquiries are already being made by 
students interested in our scholarship to be presented 
next June, which is an encouraging sign.

After the chair reports were made, discussion by the group 
considered the use of monies in our CD accounts.  John 
Donnellan suggested that we use some of the money to 
bring in speakers, both national and international, to talk 
on topics of interest to the Irish. Our vice-president, 
Tom Ryan, said he thought that was a good idea as well.  
Lou said we can allocate money by modifying or re-doing 
our budget at the next board meeting.  Then John 
suggested that to get the cost of the Christmas dinner 
down to $15 each, the society should pick up the 
Everybody at the meeting liked that idea, and it was 
then modified to apply to those ICS members who have 
paid their dues for this year. 

Lou asked if the e-mails he collected from ICS members 
originally for making emergency notifications in a timely 
fashion, while also taking the pressure off the telephone 
tree volunteers, might also be used for sending out ‘items 
of  interest’ to the group.  A hand count of members at this 
meeting gave approval for this idea.

Tom Macken had several announcements. First of all, if 
you are interested in learning conversational Gaelic on the 
Ipod, come see him at today’s meeting for details. He also 
reminded us of the National Comhaltas here in San 
Antonio in March of 2011.  Lou said he would add a link 
to our ICS website whenever Tom sends him the 

Bob Walsh announced upcoming trips to the WWII 
memorial in DC that are free for veterans. He just 
returned from this trip himself.  Trips 4, 5, and 6 should 
be coming up soon, so see Bob for more on this trip for 
WWII veterans.

The business meeting was adjourned at 3:52 for a ten 
minute break before our program for today,  presented 
by a tour guide for trips to Ireland, Julie Wise of 
Corpus Christi.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley