Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



- SEPTEMBER 17 2000

Irish Cultural Society Meeting,
St. Gregory the Great Library

President Lou Kelley introduced our speaker, Sylvia Maddox,
whose topic was "The Gifts of Celtic Spirituality". She
began with a blessing quoted from Anam Cara, a book of
Celtic wisdom by John O'Donohue. She stressed the keen
sense of the sacredness of creation, of community, and of
connection that is characteristic of the Irish. Viva
Bookstore has an extensive listing of Celtic books. Her
own book How to Pray with the Celtic Saints was made
available to US.
The business meeting convened after the break. Bob Slattery
reported $10,464.09 in the treasury. An effort will be
made to produce name tags for all members. A lively
discussion followed about the annual scholarship award.
President Kelley asked that any suggestions on revising
guidelines be mail­ed to the society for further
consideration. Nora Olivares voiced a concern about
plagiarism, since access to the Web is so easy. Assigning
a specific topic and strict attention to citing sources
might alleviate the problem. The meeting was adjourned
at 5:43. Thirty-three members attended. There were three guests:
Oliver Power and Annette Roche were visiting from Kilkenny.
They are pen pals of Sandra' Davenport. Father David
Concannon from New York is here for a year, participating
in studies at Antonian High School's consulting center.

Respectfully submitted by

/S/ Peggy Hill Secretary