Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



- FEBRUARY 18, 2001

The treasurer's report reflected a checking account balance
of $7416.15. Pat Mahoney donated $416 for a street banner
advertising Irish Heritage Day on March 11. All members are
invited to attend the proclamation of Irish Heritage Day by
Mayor Peak on March 8, 9 a.m. at City Hall. Bob Slattery said
that, as a non-profit organization, we are entitled to sell
items sales tax-free in connection with an event such as Irish
Heritage Day for two days per 12-month period. Sister Carmen
anticipates 650-700 guests for the Noel Henry dance. She
asked those who buy tickets for others to put their names on
the back of the tickets so that guests can be directed to
their friends' tables. We will need a great group of hosts
and hostesses and also decorating volunteers on Saturday
morning. Nora Olivares announced that Dr. Michael Hogan would
be at the multi cultural conference at San Antonio College.
A motion was made and passed that we change our April meeting
date to Saturday, April 21 and meet at the Visual Arts &
Technology building on the S.A.C. campus. A motion was made
and carried to cancel the March meeting. Vice President Peter
Hynes proposed that, as a possible entry into the bylaws, we
consider a ceiling on spending by any board member without the
consensus of the entire board and/or the general membership.
President Kelley explained that the decision to allocate $2000
on the Chieftains' reception was one which had to be made in a
matter of hours. Peter's motion carried, and the matter will
be discussed at the next board meeting. Peggy Hill announced
the guidelines for the River City National Poetry Contest, in
which we sponsor one of the 15 categories. ICS members can
submit poems in all categories except ours. Bob Slattery asked
whether we will go with Maggie's again for next Christmas.
A vote was taken, and Henry McCann will check out two
alternative sites.

Thirty-nine members were present, and the eight guests were:
Harold and Margie Connelly, Tom and Sheila Carrola, Vincent
Forbes, Jr., Suzanne Murray, Karyn Matson (who operates "A
Better Chocolatier") and Janet Doherty, who will be singing
with her musicians at Borders Bookstore/Huebner Oaks
from 810 p.m. on March 17.

Respectfully submitted

Peggy Hill, Secretary