Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Minutes-ICS-Jan. 18, 2009
Vice-president Lou Kelley called the meeting to order at 3:10pm,
and invited Sister Carmel to do the invocation. Lou then led us in
the Pledge of Allegiance.
The minutes were read, with one correction made at this time, changing
the last name of the Fisher House representative who spoke to us last
month from Gregory to Godfrey.
Bob Barron gave the treasurer’s report for the month, telling us about
the latest ICS monetary transactions. We currently have a working
balance of $3,550.63. Bob also apprised us of the status of Paul Brenner,
a member of the AOH who has been jailed in Texas for quite a while now.
He was transferred to a jail down in Port Isabelle to be closer to his family.
He is currently waiting to appeal an adverse judgment made against him
when he was jailed in Raymondville, Texas.
Also, the dance is March 21st, not the 28th, as stated in the most recent
ICS Newsletter.
Sheila, our program chair, said she is still in need of volunteers to help
out for Irish Heritage Day on March 1st at the Loftin Center on the SACC
campus. A sign-up sheet is going around the meeting as she speaks. She
requested the use of roasting pans for the Irish Stew samples to be given
out at IHD if anyone has one or more they’re willing to lend. She also
announced that ICS member Nora Olivares will do a poetry reading at our
next meeting, to be held on February 15th.
Sister Carmel commented upon the upcoming dance to be held at St. Gregory’s
Hall on March 21st. She stated that other than clean-up the use of the hall
is free. She feels that $20 a person is too much for a ticket to the dance
and that it should revert back to $15.. Before we were able to take a vote
on ticket price, Joan Moody brought up the topic of including children at
the dance. Much discussion followed amongst ICS members. Then Tom Ryan
made amotion to table the idea of children at this upcoming dance, which was
quickly seconded by Mary Molina, and passed by the members. John Donnellan
moved that the ticket price be returned to $15 per person, and that was
seconded again by Mary, and passed.
Under New Business the Mass at St. Patrick’s Church on March 17th was
brought up. St. Patrick’s acts as host for San Antonio’s Irish each year,
and we were encouraged to attend the Mass and the luncheon immediately
afterward. That church is in serious need of renovations to its rectory and
is holding a fund raiser, offering tickets at $25 each on a chance to win a
Vespa. Please see Kay after the meeting is adjourned if you would like to
buy a ticket or two or would just like to donate money toward the renovation.
It is possible to purchase chances right through March 17th.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:03, followed by refreshments and a program by
Tom Macken and members of the San Antonio Irish Dancers who attempted to
put us through our paces in anticipation of the St. Patrick’s Day Dance
on March 21st.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley