Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The meeting of the Irish Cultural Society was called to order at 3:15 PM by
President Gene Logan. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and
accepted. The Treasurerís report was given by Mrs. Barron in the absence
of Bob Barron. As of April 30 there is a balance $4,756.60.

Topics from the board meeting were discussed. These included the Newsletter
format---many members do not read the present newsletter. A change of content
and format is apparently needed.

Another area of concern is the St. Patrickís Day dance. Apparently ticket sales
and attendance were lower than in past years. Possible suggestions are that the
dance plans need to be made earlier. Also, perhaps the band could fly out of
Rhode Island instead of Boston to save money on air fares.

Suggestions are needed for monthly ICS programs, including the June 22 meeting.
Possible programs for next year include an updated tour of the Irish Silver
gallery at the San Antonio Museum of Art by Maxine Dulany. Also a program by
the owner of the Irish Cottage located in Boerne and a possible program on
Celtic crosses. Discussion followed about a suggestion by Jim Delaney that perhaps
more members should give programs, Sister Carmel suggests more outside speakers.
Kay Delaney reminded us that our dues are due in October,
The Public Relations Chair says that 3 weeks are needed for items to appear
in the newspaper, Susan Feeley, Scholarship chairman reports that there is no
apparent interest in an essay contest.

Another area of concern is that the attendance at the Irish Heritage Day event
has declined.
A new slate of officers for the year to be voted on in June are:
Bob Slattery, President,
Lou Kelley, Vice President, and
Susan Feeley, Secretary.

A Program and Planning Chair (Nominee) is needed.

Basic conclusions are after much lengthy and repetitive discussion are that
we need more active members, and that we should try to involve the Harp and
Shamrock members in our organization by inviting them to programs and by
including them more in other activities, A better newsletter format is needed.
Also in conclusion I would suggest a generalized "jazzing up" of this rather
sluggish organization.

Respectfully submitted,

Maxine Dulany
Outgoing Secretary