Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Sister Carmel opened the meeting with prayer and a plug
for the upcoming 26th Noel Henry dance March 22. Tickets
will be in the mail. Doris Metzger presented a program on
the work of her accomplished niece, Monica Reilly,
American-born, now a resi­dent of County Sligo. Monica
has devoted much research to the study of mysterious
objects called Sheila-na-gigs. They are small female
figures in birthing positions found in ancient chapels and
castles. Monica has produced calendars with sketches done
of pub musicians, on sale for $10. A little-known fact is
that Irish calendars start with the month of March and
differ from ours also in that the weeks begin on Monday.
After the break, the minutes and treasurer's reports were
read and approved.

Our bank balance is $9458.30.
Jane McDaniel asked how the funds are invested; they are in CD*s.

Project Children South Texas notified us that a group of
young people, ages 19-25, will be visiting from Ireland
for 7-8 weeks in May and June. They will be building a house
in Corpus and one in San Antonio for Habitat for Humanity.
There is a need for hous­ing and sightseeing guides while
they are here.

Bob announced that a speaker will be coming in May from
the Irish-American Cultural Institute. The topic will be
wild geese; more details will be in April newsletter.

Members are requested to show up at Live Oak Civic Center
Thursday, Jan. 23 at 10 a.m, to survey and make plans for
Irish Heritage Day.

Susan Feeley distributed copies of a wonderfully catalogued
list of books and videos. Call her, and she will bring the
desired resource to the next meeting.

Al Gillen sent scholarship information to 50 schools but has
received only one essay so far. The deadline is Feb. 1.

Bob proposed that we collaborate with other Irish organizations
in Texas to pressure the state government to declare March
as Irish Heritage Month.

Sue Brannon announced that there will be a bagpipe workshop
and demonstration on Feb. 15 at 7:30 at Maggie*s -
a $5 donation is requested.

33 members were present.
Our guests were Eileen Burke Faught and son Sean,
Shirley Burns and her mother, Marilyn, and Carol O*Brien,
a retired RN, and her daughter Kelly.

We adjourned at 5:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Hill, Secretary