Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Lou Kelley started the meeting at 4:15 pm with
a request that we have the program first, followed by the
business meeting. No one objected. Minutes of the June
2004 meeting were read by outgoing secretary, Peggy Hill,
and accepted. Lou announced the passing of Rose Lavelle,
longtime ICS member on Friday, September 17th, with the
rosary at 7pm Monday at Holy Spirit Church, followed by
a funeral mass on Tuesday morning. Lou greeted our September
guests, of which there were eleven. Gene Logan, program
chairperson, commented on the good turnout for the meeting.
He gave some background information on the day's speaker,
mentioning Roger Boylan's roots in Ireland and residency in
New York City, and his extensive travel around Europe and
the rest of the world. Mr. Boylan has been published in book
form, audiobooks, periodicals and newspapers. A brief
synopsis was given of the author's best known novels,
"Kilibyle" and "The Great Pint Pulling Olympiad". Mr.
Boylan read Chapter 17 of the Great Pint-Pulling Olympiad
aloud, and then entertained questions about his life and
work. During the question and answer period, the topics
of satire in his novels and the regimen of the writing
life were commented upon. At 4:45 a break was called. The
business meeting began at 5:17pm with committee reports.
Membership chair Kay Delaney announced that 42 members
and 11 guests were present. Ellen Darby, who is now 90
years old, sent in her dues with a note of thanks to
the ICS. Program chair Gene Logan reported that Paul
Cohen will return next month to talk about Bloomsday in
Librarian announced the titles of new books in the ICS
Social chairperson Brenda Tobey reported that the ICS
Christmas party will be held again at the Fort Sam Houston
Officer's Club this year. She announced that the ICS
scrapbook is ready for viewing. Also, Brenda asked about
the possibility of purchasing a block of tickets to see
RiverDance when it comes to town the first week of November.
Scholarship chairperson Nora Olivares will have a book
signing at the Twig Bookstore in Alamo Heights on October
12th from 5-7 pm.
Treasurer Bob Slattery shared the treasurer's report
which gave figures through the end of August 2004.
After the committee reports, Lou Kelley let us know
that several thank you notes had been received by the
ICS since our previous meeting in June. One note was
from Sean Connally, thanking us for our help with
the Irish Olympic athletes. Another was from Noreen
O'Niall, the director of the Kilkenny Comhaltas dance
group, who appreciated our involvment with the dance
program. And the third was from Fr Mike O'Gorman, who
thanked ICS members for their participation at the
celebration of his 40 years as a priest on June 2004.
Lou. also noted that the Irish Cajun shop, owned and
operated by ICS member, Rick Brewer, prints ICS
announcements in their newsletter.
If you are interested in making contributions to the Irish
veterans memorial please see Lou for details.
AOH president Richard Ecuyer was present, and donated
videos to the library as per an agreement reached at our
June 2004 meeting. This agreement also includes members
of the Harp & Shamrock Society.
At 5:33 raffle tickets were drawn, and the winners were
Celeste, Liz, Betsy, Helen, Kay, and Sue.
Adjournment was at 5:47 pm.

Respectfully submitted

ICS Secretary / Librarian