Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Lou Kelley opened the business meeting at 3:10pm, followed
by the Pledge of Allegiance. Father White gave the invocation today.
Lou followed with a heartfelt tribute to the contributions of those
ICS members we have lost since last June - both Tom and Elaine Hyland,
and Helen Logan.
The minutes were read and approved as read.
Bob Barron gave the treasurer's report through the 31st of August of
2010. He said that the ICS overall has lost just over $1200 in the
past year in our traditional activities which have not made a profit.
Karen G. asked why IHD costs two times what we take in. Lou replied
that the purpose of the ICS is to promote Irish culture by presenting
the arts, such as literature, dance, music, in our community. We do so
through our Irish Heritage Day, and by our participating in other
celtic activities coordinated by Harp and Shamrock, AOH, and the
Scottish Society members. Some years we incur a loss putting on Irish
Heritage Day.
Kay Delaney announced that we have a new member today, Teresa Mason,
joining 41 other ICS members and 12 guests at today's meeting. Kay
asked that everybody get their dues in as quickly as possible. The
sooner the dues are in, the sooner the membership roster can be
updated and distributed, and we would really like to do that by
Sheila let us know that not only will we be enjoying a performance
by Campbell and Wilson at this meeting, but in October Julie Wise will
join us from Corpus Christi to talk about highlights of travels to
Ireland and Scotland. The following month our holiday dinner will
probably be held on December 4th at Milano's at Wurzbach and
Lockhill-Selma. The cost will be $22 a person, and Sheila gave a
run-down of meals that we could order. The idea was approved. A flyer
with the final information will be available in the next newsletter.
Lou spoke about the St. Patrick's dance coming up on March 19th of 2011.
John Donnellan and Henry McCann protested the $20 cost for a ticket.
Jane McDaniels suggested a senior discount @ $15 for those over 70.
It was pointed out to Jane that that would encompass virtually everybody
in the room today, and asking other people their ages when ordering
tickets could be problematic. Jim Delaney then gave a brief history of
the finances of the AOH and Harp and Shamrock. It was decided to
shelve discussion on cost of the dance tickets for another time. The
meeting was adjourned for refreshments at 3:45pm, followed by the
musical program by Campbell and Wilson.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley
ICS Secretary