Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The meeting of the Irish Cultural Society was called to order at 3:10 PM by
the President, Gene Logan. The minutes of the previous meeting were read
and accepted. The Treasurerís report was given by Bob Barron. The balance
for the two months ending March 31 is $4927.51.

Kay Delaney, Membership Chairman has the ICS roster for 2008 available
for the membership. They will not be mailed this year.

Susan Feeley, Scholarship Chairman, reports little or no interest among
students for writing an essay about an Irish person that has affected
society. A suggestion was made to place the essay information in the college
section of the SA Express-News.

Old Business:
Lou Kelley reported that the ICS website is due for renewal and wants to
know if the ICS membership wishes to continue funding the site. He reports
that the number of "hits" is increasing. Bob Slattery moved to continue the
funding. The amount of money involved is approximately $250. The motion
was approved.

The matter of Programs was brought up by Gene Logan as there is no
Program and Planning chairman. The remaining programs for May and June
are undecided.
Possible programs for the future could be on Bellek
porcelain and Maxine
Dulany volunteered to give an updated tour of the Irish Silver collection
at the San Antonio Museum of Art. The general consensus of opinion is that
the ICS needs more publicity and participation.

The business meeting was concluded at 3:45 PM.

The program following the meeting was given by Lila Guzman, novelist and
short story writer. She tells the story of the American Revolution that is
left out of history books. Her main character is "Lorenzo", and his
adventures , sometimes with an Irish connection. Her books are written
mainly for young adults and children.

Respectfully submitted,

Maxine Dulany,