Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



- JANUARY 20, 2002

The minutes and the treasurer's report were read and approved.
At year's end, we have $7,054.94 in checking, $26,308.20 in
CD's, and $8,824.84 in the scholarship fund. Kay introduced our
guests: Willie Fahey and Bridget Lansford. Sister Carmel
announced that tickets for the 25th anniversary Noel Henry Dance
on March 23 will be coming in the mail. Maura has a volunteer
sign-up sheet for Irish Heritage Day on March 10. Free raffle
tickets will be hand­ed out in order to get a head count. She
also asked for help from anyone who has access to a copy machine
or a FAX MACHINE. Shirley Hynes made a motion that we offer to
bring Noel Henry's brother Matty down for the dance. The airfare
for the band is split three ways anyway as they play two other
gigs while they are here. Bob Slattery seconded and the motion
carried. Scholarship committee chairman Al Gillen stated that
he has not received any replies from the schools. He had also
looked into the possibility of serving beer at Irish Heritage
Day, but it is an arduous process. The Jewish Community Center
needs to be contacted tomorrow. The British Heritage Association
invites us to the thanksgiving celebration of Queen Elizabeth's
golden jubilee year at Oak Hills Presbyterian Church on February 9.
The business meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m., giving way to
Willie Fahey's report on tourism in Ireland, which he said is
business as usual. He is now getting information from Northern
Ireland. December sales were very brisk, as people used up their
old money in anticipation of the euro. The microphone was then
offered to anyone who wished to share a story or two about Ireland;
Harold Connally obliged.
There were 25 members in attendance.

Respectfully submitted

Peggy Hill, Secretary