Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Gene Logan called the meeting to order at 3:15pm.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved 
as read.
Treasurer Bob Barron announced that $890 in dues had been 
collected.  After paying for two months of programs, we 
were left with a balance of $6,928.86.  Lou says there are 
still missing minutes for several previous years.  If you 
have copies, he'd like them to add to the website.  I 
counted 24 members and 9 guests at the meeting, although 
the tally on the sign-in sheet was less.  The Social and 
Program chairs were absent from the meeting, so there were 
no reports from those two committees.  Scholarship chair 
had a mock-up of the notice to go in the newspaper announcing 
this year's scholarship competition, and asked that ICS 
members give her feedback on the format during the break.
The McCann's were not at the meeting due to the celebration
of their 50th wedding anniversary.  Congratulations were 
sent in absentia.
Sister Carmel reminded all of us of not only the dance on 
March 29th, but also of the fundraiser on March 30th to 
benefit the sisters of the Holy Cross.  Gene reminded us of 
the IHD to be held again this year at SAC's Loftin Center, 
and after a bit of discussion it was decided to hold a 
board meeting on February 2nd, when most board members  
would be able to attend.  Bob Slattery invited all ICS 
members to attend the board meeting if at all possible, to 
help finalize plans for all of our March activities.
Gene reminded us that this year's Christmas party would 
be the first time holding a dual holiday party with the 
Harp and Shamrock, in which both groups would be equally
responsible and divide the work and expenses involved in 
holding this gathering.
Gene announced that Professor Burke of St. Thomas 
University in Houston would speak at our February meeting
on the topic of "Politics in the USA", with an emphasis on
the Irish influence in the latter part of the 20th century.
In April our speaker will be Rory Guzman, talking about 
the "Forgotten Irish Heroes of the American Revolution."
The last two months' meeting topics are not set yet, and 
a suggestion was made that perhaps one of our own ICS 
members would be willing to present.  The business meeting
ended at 3:45pm, followed by refreshments and a
presentation by the San Antonio Pipe and Drum group. 
  Respectfully submitted,

  Susan Feeley
 ICS Secretary Pro Tem