Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The monthly meeting of the Irish Cultural Society was called
to order at 3:07 by Lou Kelley, who then led us in the Pledge
of Allegiance. Sister Carmel led the invocation today.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted
as read.
Bob Barron explained the monthly treasurer's report.
For details see his report.
Kay announced that we recently had three new members sign up
for ICS. She reminded us that dues are due by October 1st for
this coming year, and she would appreciate our paying them in
September, at the meeting or by mail, so that the new
membership directory can be updated and given out as quickly
as possible this year. Sometimes it is delayed by several
months waiting for members to send in their dues.
There were no social or library or public relations reports
today. For those of you not aware of it, Nora Olivares
resigned as public relations chair as of May 20th, which is
why the Public Relations position is shown as a write-in
position only on the ballot today.
The scholarship chair introduced our scholarship winner for
this year, Ariel Hinton. Ariel told us a bit about herself
and then read her winning essay about Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
She was then presented with the scholarship check for $500.
Changes to the by-laws were read and approved. Door prizes
were awarded as we awaited the result of the balloting.

Sister Carmel asked for a general feeling about having the
Noel Henry band coming again this March to play for our
St. Patrick's Day dance. After some discussion took place,
the general consensus was affirmative about having the band

Balloting was not yet completed, so it was voted to break
for the potluck supper and have the voting announced
afterward. We sang Happy Birthday to Lou and Sheila
presented him with a cake.

Bob Walsh announced the election results :
President - Lou Kelley, Vice-President - Tom Ryan,
Secretary - Susan Feeley, and
Public Relations - Nora Olivares.
Because Nora's resignation is what instigated a write-in
vote for the public relations position in the first place,
she cannot be the new public relations chair. The position
remains open.

A general reminder was given to the meeting attendees that
Dan Corbett has scheduled his next Celtic potluck
supper/movie at his home on July 24th. Greeting and eating
from 5:30 until 7:00, and a movie to be shown between 7pm
and 9pm.

The ICS meeting was adjourned at 4:11pm today.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Feeley
ICS Secretary