Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



- MAY 20, 2002

The treasurer's report and the minutes were read and approved.
Kay Delaney, membership chairman, explained that prospective
members are contacted and sent two newsletters as well as a
brochure prepared by Sister Carmel about our society.
Al Gillen, scholarship chairman, said the scholarship winner and
school principal have been notified; the name of the winner will
be in the next newsletter. Jane McDaniel suggested obtaining a
giant check form from Office Depot for the presentation and
photo op. A motion was made to do so and carried.
Re: ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Joan Moody will head nominating
committee. It was suggested that front of newsletter have
BALLOT ENCLOSED printed in bold letters to stress the
importance of turning in votes. It is necessary to get prior approval
from write-in candidates. We will need a new program chairman.
Lou explained that the chairman does not have to work alone, just be
a focal point for information. Jane's suggestion was to have
three or four working together to bring programs of cultural
emphasis. Al suggested that Kay could interview new members
about their talents and interests, there by letting them know
their input is much needed and expected.
Re: NOEL HENRY DANCE: Ask the Delaneys who live near the hall
to supervise. Peggy Dougherty suggested the reward of a free
ticket for the decorator in charge. Cleaning up after the dance
can be done easily the next morning.
Re: IRISH HERITAGE DAY: Joan suggested changing the date to
February, kicking off Irish Month, ending with the Noel Henry
dance. A new site will be searched out by Joan, Brenda Toby,
and Jane. Bob Slattery read thank-you notes from Mary Jo Quinn and
the Presentation Sisters. A motion was made and passed to
purchase an album for pictures taken at the party for the
sisters. Peggy Dougherty said it is important to keep the minutes
for the past ten years to meet IRS requirements for tax-exempt
organizations. Some minutes are missing, so a request should
be put in the newsletter for whoever might have them to turn them
There will be two programs on PBS about Celtic arts. The
dates are June 19 and 26.
Eighteen members were in attendance.

Respectfully submitted

Peggy Hill, Secretary