Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Gene Logan called the meeting to order at 3:20 pm. There
was no reading of the previous meeting's minutes as the secretary was
not in attendance. Gene then asked for the treasurer's report from Bob
Slattery. Bob gave a review of the trends in the budget, such as the
St Patrick's Day Dance netting less money each and every year, with
a net of $1200 this past year. He explained that the Knights of
Columbus Hall we've used many times in the past for the dance
continues to get more expensive each year, between rental and the
cost of security. An additional request this past year was for a
payment for bartenders, although we ended up not having to do that.
An animated discussion followed, with suggestions of other possible
venues with adequate dance floors.
The concensus (consensus) was that we would stay with the Knights
of Columbus hall and could bolster attendance with a more
concerted effort to invite dance club people to enjoy the evening
with us. Bob then addressed the budget for Irish Heritage Day. In
2006 we actually made several hundred dollars from Irish Heritage
day. This past year we were in the red for several hundred dollars.
The turnout was less than the previous year, and raffle sales were
not as brisk. However, further discussion suggested that the Loftin
Student Center at SACC remains an excellent venue for IHD, and that
Nora should be contacted to make reservations for IHD 2008.
The membership chairperson, Kay, had no report to give other than
there were almost 50 members in attendance this day and several
guests as well.
There was no report from the Social chairperson, Ethna.
Joan stated that she was contacting local synagogues to let them
know about our guest speaker for the June meeting.
Elections will be held at the June meeting. All positions except
president, membership, and secretary are open this year. Several
ICS members have said they will stand again for their current
position or have generously offered their services to serve in
another position for the first time. There will be a ballot in
the June newsletter for voting purposes at the meeting. Otherwise
members are directed to mail their ballots to Bob Slattery if they
do not plan on attending the June meeting.
A discussion about the Christmas dinner for 2007 brought up the
idea of the Fort Sam Houston GoIf Club as a new site. Further talk
suggested a Friday, Saturday or even a Sunday night for the dinner,
and possibly a date as late as early January, instead of early
December when the dinner has traditionally been held. Motions and
seconds supported the investigation of these changes in our ICS
Rosemary, the programs chair, brought up the idea of having an ICS
Family Day, with movies, arts & crafts and other activities to get
more people involved in what we do. Discussion supported her
Sister Carmel spoke about the movie, "Wind that Shakes the Barley",
and encouraged us to see it, but not with children, because of the
violence involved.
The business meeting ended at 3:48 with a break for refreshments
before the program.
Professor McFadden of St. Thomas University in Houston gave a power
point presentation of about 45 minutes duration on the economic
phenomenon known as the "Celtic Tiger." He stressed the impact of
the European Union on the Irish economy and the advantages of and
attraction for the rest of Europe investing in Ireland. He suggested
that the Celtic Tiger miracle was not likely to be exported or modelled
by another country, except perhaps India.
He recommended we read David McWilliam's "The Pope's Children."
After his talk, a fifteen minute question and answer session
followed, and the meeting ending at 5:17.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley
Secretary for a Day