Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Vice-President Tom Ryan opened the business meeting 
at 3:12pm, followed by the invocation by Sister Carmel 
and the Pledge of Allegiance by those in attendance at 
the meeting.  The minutes of the April meeting were 
read and approved as read.  There was no treasurer's 
report today, due to the treasurer being out of town.
Membership chair, Kay, said to check the newsletter 
for the form to fill out for Father Mike's retirement 
dinner, and if you aren't handing it and your check to 
Kay today, then mail it to Ethna - to the address 
listed on the form.  Ethna will be back in town in the 
next few days to keep track of the dinner 
reservations/checks.  Kay provided the information we 
needed for the social chair report in Ethna's absence. 
The library holdings aren't at today's meeting, due 
to the unexpected change in venue for the meeting with 
no tables available to set up the books/cds/magazines 
for check out.
Our programs and plans chair, Helena, reported that 
all is confirmed for Father's dinner at 6pm on June 
8th at the Outback on I-10 near DeZavala Road. 
Comhaltas will play for 45-60 minutes for $100.  One 
of the founding members of the Irish Cultural Society, 
Father Nolan, will be at the dinner.  Sister Teresa 
Stanley and Sister Carmel O'Callaghan, two other 
founding members, will be in Ireland by the first 
week of June and won't be in attendance.  Tentatively 
some of the St. Gregory's Irish dancers are scheduled 
to perform also.  There will be two sheet cakes in 
two different flavors for dessert after the dinner, 
along with coffee, which the Comhaltas players have 
been invited to partake of, should they care to. We 
need a decision about Father's retirement gift, so 
hopefully there will be an ICS board meeting very 
Helena checked with St. Gregory's about rescheduling 
the June meeting so that we don't meet on Father's 
Day.  Due to the organizations at St. Gregory's 
planning events to bid Father Mike a happy 
retirement, there isn't one Sunday available for us 
to meet. As a result, we will have to have our 
meeting on Sunday, July 1st.  The next newsletter 
will reflect this change, and the telephone tree will 
also call with reminders to our members.
Helena said she has had contact with retired Bishop 
Yanka who would very much like to have an Irish 
presence at the Mass during the Folklife festival 
at 10am on June 10th.  Please attend if you can.  
Also, Helena asks that you think about program 
ideas for next year's schedule and share them at 
our final meeting for this year, on July 1st.
Sister Carmel suggested that we speak to Father 
O'Gorman for guidance concerning reserving 
St. Gregory's Hall for next year before speaking 
to Father Carrola on that topic.
The business meeting was adjourned at 3:47 pm, to 
be followed by refreshments.  Afterwards we will 
hear the winning essay read by its author, Miss 
Katie Winters, with the presentation of the 
scholarship check immediately following.
Respectfully submitted,

 Susan S. Feeley
 ICS Secretary