Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The meeting was called to order by Henry McCann, Vice-President,
at 4:15. President Lou Kelley is out of town at present. Sister
Carmel gave a brief history of the St. Gregory Senior Center,
where we are meeting today, followed by the invocation.
Gene Logan introduced our guest speaker, Beverly LaFond, who spoke
for approximately 30 minutes. She explained the basics of the
Choice Theory as advocated by Dr. William Glasser, using charts
and other visual aids and offered suggestions on how this theory
can effect and change our daily lives. Beverly graciously donated
several Glasser books to the ICS library.
Following the program there were several announcements about
wedding ceremonies and upcoming birthdays, after which refreshments
were available.
At 5:20 the business portion of the meeting began. Last month's
minutes were read and approved as read. The librarian
acknowledged the donation of books by our guest speaker. Bob the
treasurer is happy this month because dues are coming in at a good
rate. The treasurer's report was approved. Kay, our membership
chair, announced that 38 members and 1 guest are present today.
She explained about the raffle tickets for the Irish Heritage Day
in March and the table set-up for the St. Patrick's Day dance at
the K of C. Anyone interested in attending Riverdance needs to
contact Kay by the 27th of November, at the very latest. Kay gave
us a breakdown of the regular prices versus the group prices for
the performances. After some discussion, it was decided that we
would attempt to attend the matinee performance as a group. Kay
suggested that the telephone tree people notify non-attendees of
today's meeting to let them know about the show.
Gene, our program chair, announced that Boru would be the program
for the meeting on January 15th. The subject of charging more to
non-members to attend the St. Patrick's Day dance was broached, but
no decision was reached. A comment was made that the Irish
Heritage Dance should have more music and art, and less lectures in
the future. Hearing the lecture over the noise level of the
gathering is problematic, no matter what the venue. This year's
IHD is confirmed, and will be held in the Fiesta Room at San
Antonio College. There were no reports from publicity or
scholarship today, as those chairs were not present. The meeting
was adjourned at 5:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley

ICS secretary/librarian