Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The November meeting of the ICS was called to order by 
President Lou Kelley at 3:10pm.  He asked for special 
prayers for those we know who are in ill health at this 
time.  After the invocation, led by Sister Carmel, Lou 
led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved 
as read.
Celeste Barron gave us the highlights of this month's 
treasurer's report. 
Kay Delaney, membership chair, has the list of paid up 
members with her today. See her to verify that you have 
paid for this year, or see her if you haven't paid yet. 
Kay reminded us that members who are paid up will 
receive a discount on the Christmas dinner tickets.  
There are 39 members and several guests in attendance 
at today's meeting.
Ethna Torres, our social chair, has 40 members paid up 
for the Christmas dinner at this time.  If you are 
planning on attending the Christmas dinner this year, 
please pay her as soon as possible and include the 
slip of paper showing your choice of dinner and dessert.
There were no library, public relations or scholarship 
reports for today.
Lou again requested e-mail addresses from members to 
send out messages and notices relative to the ICS that 
really can't wait for the next newsletter publication.  
This is so much more efficient than having to rely on 
the telephone tree.
Helena Ryan, our programs chair, brought us up-to-date 
on the Christmas dinner plans. There will be a cash bar 
upon first arriving at the Airport Hilton ballroom.  
Our musical evening will be comprised of a harpist, 
Melody, who might also have one of her students playing 
and singing.  Some of the Kelly singers will perform 
Christmas carols under the direction of Tom Ewing.  
The Light Waves band will perform after dinner, with 
some of their own numbers interspersed with Irish tunes.
In January Leo and Margaret Moreno will be at our 
meeting with their dancers to put us through our paces 
in anticipation of our dance on March 24th.
In February IHD is scheduled for the third Sunday of 
the month, so there will be no regular meeting of 
the ICS.  Please plan to participate in our Irish 
Heritage Day on February 19th at the Leon Valley 
Community Center instead.
Sheila Carrola announced that the Scottish society 
here in San Antonio is working with a group from 
Houston to gather toys and other things to distribute 
for Christmas. See her for more details.
Diane Malone, a guest today, introduced herself and 
explained her and her husband's affiliation with the 
Classic Theater here in town.  Our program presenters 
today are also members of the Classic Theater group.
Lou announced that Bob Barron has graciously taken 
back the position of treasurer in the interim.  
However, if you are interested in helping out the 
ICS as treasurer, please let Lou know.  Lou also 
asked that we share program flyers with everyone 
we can.
The business meeting was adjourned at 3:37 today, 
with refreshments and program to follow.

	Respectfully submitted,

	Susan S. Feeley
        ICS Secretary