Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



OCTOBER 20, 2002

Sister Carmel opened the meeting with a beautiful invocation.
She invited the membership to the Presentation Sisters' 25th
anniversary celebration Mass at St. Gregory's on Nov. 17.
For our Nov. 24 meeting, we are asked to park on the Dewhurst

Dr. Steve Wilson, professor at Southwest Texas State
University, presented a program of poetry, six of his
poems along with two of Yeats”, accompanied by visuals of
the Irish landscape that inspired them. In a fine display
of Irishness, he asked that his speaker*s fee be added
to the scholarship fund.

After refreshments, we proceeded to business. Minutes were
read and approved. The treasurer*s annual report was read.
The question was asked why we have so much, money? Bob said
funds have been set aside to get speakers from the Irish
American In­stitute. Musical programs are desirable; it
might be possible to piggy back on visiting musicians in
concert. As to publicity, club meetings are listed in the
Sunday paper only every 3 months, so it was suggested we
might afford an ad. The treasurer*s report was seconded
and approved. Kay Delaney introduced our 9 guests. Three
were nuns from Our Lady of the Lake. Retired Army Colonel
Norm Hawkinson (Norm is a cousin of Edna O’Brien) is an
Irish citizen by virtue of his mother*s birth in County
Clare. He was accompanied by his wife, Pat. Marilyn Burns
is a history buff and is studying Gaelic. As her
grand­parents were from County Cork, she was visiting us
to find out more about her heritage to pass on to her two
children. Our speaker, Dr. Wilson, is a new member. His
mother in Houston is a genealogist. The cost for our
Christmas dinner will be $10, Betty and Eric entertaining.
The suggestion was made to pay in advance and be refunded
at the party. Remember that a valid ID and current
registration and inspection sticker are required to enter
Fort Sam. Irish Heritage Day is set for March 30, 2003,
from 2 - 7p.m. at the Live Oak Civic Center which has the
added advantage of a loading dock, as it was once a Handy
Dan store. The suggestion to have a table for members'
crafts with profits to be given to the Society will be
taken up at the next board meeting. There were 32 members
Adjournment time was 6:25.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Hill, Secretary