Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




At 3:16pm vice-president Lou Kelley asked Father Griffin to give the invocation.
Because of the potluck supper, Lou then suggested that we eat first and have
our business meeting afterward, which we did. After socializing and sampling
all the good food provided by the ICS members, the business meeting was called
to order at 4:03 pm.
Minutes were read and accepted as read.
Treasurer Bob Barron presented the budget for this coming year and it was
accepted. Bob also brought us up-to-date on the Pol Brennan situation. Just a
few days before this meeting Pol Brennan was deported from jail in Texas back
to the Republic of Ireland.
Kay Delaney, our membership chair, told us that 46 members and 2 guests were
present at this meeting. She asked if some new members who were present, Bill
and Pat O’Brien, would tell us a bit about themselves. Bill stood up and
briefly gave us their background. We’re happy to have you with us, Bill and
Sheila Carolla, program chair, gave us a run down on some upcoming programs.
In October, Irish Bingo is on the agenda. In November we have a guest speaker,
Milo Kearney, who will speak about the parallels between India and Ireland.
In December Jane McDaniel will present a program of Irish storytelling. In
January the ICS will celebrate “Little Christmas” on January 8th at the Old
San Francisco Steakhouse.
Joan Moody announced that Riverdance will be on stage here in San Antonio
from November 5th-8th. Also, she will be talking on the history of Irish
food for the Oasis program.
Lou asked that we keep Bob Slattery in our prayers. He is not feeling well at
all. Also, the rosary will be recited for Sister Angela on Tuesday night, with
the funeral mass on Wednesday morning. It will be at St. Gregory’s.
The business meeting ended at 4:23 pm. It was followed by an Irish music
program by Jim and Maggie Fox, with Linda Clapp accompanying them on
violin. Jim and Maggie just returned from Ireland last week and shared
some of their experiences with us.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley