Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The meeting was called to order at 3:14pm by vice-president
Lou Kelley. Father Will gave the invocation, and the Pledge
of Allegiance was recited after that. The secretary read the
minutes and they were accepted as read. The treasurer gave an
update on our budget for a 3-month period ending January
31st, 2010. His recap and prognosis were not positive. Please
see his report for the exact figures.
ICS received no correspondence this past month.
Our membership chair announced that 33 members and 3 guests
are present today. Our new member is Jerry Freels who, when
asked, stood up and told us a little about himself and his
life in California before moving here six years ago. One of
our guests today is Dan Corbett, a local high school history
teacher, who also gave us a bit of his background and how he
came to visit us today. Another guest today is Deirdre Murphy,
who will be helping out in the children's corner at Irish
Heritage Day. Deirdre has attending a few meetings of the ICS
in the past.
The program chair listed the raffle prizes for IHD. There are
a number of donors helping out with IHD, including Waxy
O'Connor's who will be giving us Irish Stew for our tasting
table. Sheila told us the entertainment for IHD includes
dancers and a harpist who have performed before, amongst
others, and that several vendors of Irish-themed wares would
also be there that Sunday afternoon. She reminded us of the
programs on the calendar for April and May. She says that she
has a trailer for the parade float and has a design in mind.
She is hoping to have children at St. PJ's help with the
decorating. Our social chair requested donations of breads,
scones, and other Irish food for the tasting table at IHD.
She will again have a donation jar available for those who are
so inclined. Our publicity chair said that she had had a
rejection letter from South West Airlines about the request
for airline tickets as one of our IHD raffle prizes. She went out
in person to Barnes and Noble, Olive Garden, HEB and others to
try to solicit donations from them. Scholarship chair said there
would be flyers at IHD for visitors to take with them concerning
the upcoming ICS scholarship opportunity. Also, that information
is always on our website.

Kay reminded us to get our tickets for the Noel Henry dance as
soon as we can. The sooner the tickets are sold, the sooner the
final preparations and seating arrangements can be made.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:55.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley