Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Lou Kelley opened the business meeting at 3:10pm, followed 
by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Father White gave the invocation today.  
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as read.
Bob Barron gave the annual treasurer’s report.  (See attached form.)  
Essentially the ICS “broke even” in 2010 according to Bob.
Lou wanted to know if anyone had received correspondence concerning 
the ICS.  He reminded our members that any request for sponsorship by 
the ICS must first be discussed and approved by the ICS Board.
Kay said that almost everybody has paid their dues.  The sooner 
everybody pays up, the sooner we can publish the new membership list, 
which we hope to have done by the end of the year.  At today’s meeting
 we had 29 members and 2 guests.  Ethna is out of town because of a 
family emergency, so Kay will be taking the reservations and money for 
the Christmas dinner on December 4th.
Lou reported that we have 112 members, only 44 of whom have provided 
him with their e-mail addresses. That means that well over half of our 
newsletters would still be going out by snail mail.  We were hoping 
to cut down on mailing costs, but need many more members willing 
to receive their newsletters by e-mail for that to occur.
Sheila was not at today’s meeting, so Dan Corbett read the 
announcements for programs and plans.  They concerned the Christmas 
dinner, lunch with a white elephant exchange on a date in December to 
be decided later, and the programs for January and February ICS 
meetings.  (See attached e-mail.)
Lou then asked for prayers for members of the ICS who are ill and led 
us in the Lord’s Prayer.

Under new business, Joan Moody advised us that she is in contact with 
the Celtic Cowboys Association of Austin who would like to start up a 
Gaelic football team in San Antonio to compete with the teams that are 
already in Lubbock, Dallas and Austin.

The business meeting was adjourned at 3:43, with refreshments following.  
Our program was conducted by ICS members Helen, Maura, Tom, 
Bob B., Lou, and Father White, sharing personal stories with all of us 
about Irish heritage.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley
ICS Secretary