Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



- OCTOBER 21, 2001

The main business at hand was to vote on the proposed amendment
to the Constitution and By-laws creating a scholarship
committee in addition to the list of standing committees.
The revision passed unanimously. It was moved and seconded
that Al Gillen continue as chairman. Joan Moody volunteered
to serve on the committee. Regarding the Christmas party,
Al recommended that a list of attendees be provided to Fort
Sam so there would not be a problem in entering. Joan quoted
military police as suggest­ing that license plate numbers be
added as well. Bob received a thank you letter from the
Inishfree School of Dance thanking us for our contribution.
Next month, a representative from Harp & Shamrock will speak
to the issue of the Irish Flats controversy. Joan said that
only seven buildings remain; she is well-versed on the
history. Program chairman Pauline gave members green flags
to place on their counties of choice on the large map of
Ireland she has produced. Thirty-three members were in
attendance. The three guests were Sean Caveny who is
handling subscription sales for the San Antonio Symphony
(he has a master's degree from the University of Illinois
and he sings!); Alice McDaniel, Jane's six-year-old
daughter; and Bridget O'Keefe, Peter O'Keefe's daughter.

Respectfully submitted

Peggy Hill, Secretary