Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The meeting was opened at 3:23pm by ICS president Gene Logan.
The previous month’s minutes were read and approved as is.
Gene noted that Bob Slattery has received kudos from Jane
McDaniel on his ICS newsletter. Clarification was made that
Bob S. is still the newsletter editor, although he is no longer
the ICS treasurer. Bob Barron, current treasurer, reported on
the state of the ICS coffers. A copy of the current budget
report was available for perusal.
Kay Delaney, membership chair, reported that we had 42 people
attending today’s meeting, including 27 current and two new
members - Peter and Terese Montero. The couple was invited to
tell the gathering a bit about themselves, which they did.
The chairs of Programs and Planning, Social, and Public
Relations were not in attendance, so there were no reports from
those committees.
Scholarship chair, Susan Feeley, acknowledged that both Sandra
Holland and Marilyn Burns have offered to help with the
scholarship program. Sandra has previous experience with
administering scholarships. Our at-large members, Tom Hyland
and Henry McCann, were also in attendance at today’s meeting.
Kay said she had had a phone call from Jim Youngson reminding
the ICS membership that the Irish group, Anuna, will be playing
the Majestic Theater on November 18th at 3pm. It was noted
that this is exactly the date and time of our next scheduled
monthly meeting. Discussion followed about the scheduling of
the November, December, and January meetings, given that many
do not want to attend an ICS meeting in December so close to
the holidays. In addition, our Christmas dinner is not the
first Saturday in December as has been traditionally the case.
It will now be the first weekend in January of 2008. Nothing
was voted on, although Gene said he would contact someone from
the group scheduled for our December program to see if they’d
be available to perform at our January 2008 meeting instead.
Gene received a letter from Jim Davis, director at the Institute
of Texan Cultures, in regard to the inclusion of the Irish in a
display there. Bob Barron said that he has noticed a trend at
ITC to include more interactive types of information, and that
the Irish one now includes a timeline and an unfinished audio/visual
project when he last saw it.
At 3:47 the meeting was adjourned, following by a 25 minute
reception. At 4:15 pm, our guest speaker, Miriam Gallagher,
spoke engagingly about the state of Irish theater, her involvement
in it, especially in the prison drama program, and read excerpts
from some of her works. After 45 minutes or so, she then
answered several questions from the audience, and also donated
autographed copies of several of her works to the ICS library.

Respectfully submitted,

[Susan Feeley]

Secretary for the day