Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Vice-President Tom Ryan presided at today's meeting in 
place of President Lou Kelley, and opened the meeting 
at 3:10pm.  Guest (and soon to be new member) Barbara 
Pierce gifted us with an American flag to have with us 
whenever we might need one at future meetings, because 
a flag had not been available at last month's meeting 
held elsewhere. After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance 
together, Sister Carmel gave the invocation.
There was no reading of the minutes today as the 
secretary had inadvertedly left them at home.  
Treasurer Bob Barron reported that, as of 9/30/2012, 
we have $6,395.45 in our checking account.  He 
informed us that the AOH had voted two scholarships 
for Catholics to attend Irish immersion classes in 
the Northeast.  Jerome teaches some classes and 
Helena teaches them as well.  Bob wants to consult 
with Helena about the possibility of her students 
applying for the scholarship.  Also, Bob has a 
conflict of interest with our new meeting date 
of the second Sunday of the month, which starts 
next month.
Because of Helena's absence from this meeting, 
the secretary/newsletter editor brought the 
membership up to date on the November and December 
plans and programs for the ICS.  In November a 
representative of the committee investigating the 
possibility of an Irish cultural center being 
build in San Antonio will speak to us.  That will 
be followed by storytelling by Jane McDaniel.  
In December we will have our Christmas party on 
the 16th at Cha-Cha's restaurant on Babcock Road.  
More information will follow in the November and 
December newsletters which will be available 
on-line at our ICS website on the first day of 
those coming months.
John Donnellan asked about the possibility of 
extending our scholarship area to include the 
Austin area.  He has a grandchild living there.
Kay re-iterated the information about needing 
correct e-mail information so Lou can send out 
reminders for a month or two when the monthly 
newsletter is available at our website, until 
our members can get used to checking for it 
themselves. At today's meeting we had 21 members 
and 1 soon-to-be member in attendance.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 pm, to be 
followed by refreshments and a program 
presented by the San Antonio Gold, a barbershop 
quartet whose members belong to the San 
Antonio Chordsmen barbershop harmony chorus. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley,