Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The meeting was called to order at 3:12pm by current
Vice-President Bob Slattery. President Gene Logan was
not in attendance. Minutes of the previous meeting were
read and accepted as read. Tom Hyland made the motion 
and Henry McCann seconded it.
The treasurer's report followed, with Bob Barron 
telling us that we lost several thousand dollars on this
past year's activities. He passed out a few copies of his 
reportto interested ICS members. We can continue for a 
while yet at that pace, but he recommended that we need 
to either find a source of additional revenue beyond 
membership fees or cut expenses for our dance and Irish 
Heritage Day. 
Several board members did not attend this meeting. However,
our membership chair, Kay Delaney, was present and reported
that annual dues and an updated membership form should be 
turned in to her, by mail or in person, by October 1, 2008, 
soon after our first meeting of the new year in September. 
The form is in the newsletter. She added that we had a 
at today's meeting, Susan Krentz.
The results of the voting were announced. The board for 
this coming year will include the following: Bob Slattery
as President, Lou Kelley as Vice-President, Susan Feeley 
as Secretary, Kay Delaney as Membership Chair, and Sheila 
Carrola as Program Chair.  Kay Delaney mentioned that the 
Member's Corner in the newsletter was a good idea, and the 
last one concerning carpooling brought some members to our 
activities who might otherwise not have been able to 
attend. She asked that we continue the Member's Corner in
future newsletters with topics of benefit to our ICS 
members. Bob Slattery asked that we contact him for ideas 
in updating the  newsletter.
The general meeting was adjourned at 3:25pm.Additionally, 
there was an informal post-meeting meeting during 
refreshments at which suggestions were made to bring back 
the raffle and perhaps have a silent auction to bring in 
some needed funds. Also, an announcement was made about 
the Harp and Shamrock's get-together coming up on June 
27th at 6:30pm at the American Legion Post on 
Fredericksburg Road.  Sheila and others present encouraged 
our attendance there to show our camaraderie with other 
Irish in San Antonio.
Following the break, a program was presented by Jane 
McDaniel, a wonderful storyteller, who entertained us for 
almost an hour with some of her favorite Irish tales.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley
ICS Secretary for the day